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I feel this should be transparent to end user.


I do this every other day. :man_facepalming:t4::smile:
Found a cruder way to do it , I usually get 36-38Wh/Km and I ride in ride mode, I reset the tripA meter every morning and start at 100%SoC and at the end of the day I add the range left with the distance I’ve travelled. Wheny efficiency is 36-38, it adds up almost exactly to 65. The day it starts to not add up to 65. I think that would be the day I’d say it’s a sign of some degradation.
I’m no engineer and idk if the dashboard corrects for the SoH. But if this method has any flaws. Please point it out.
I wish Ather would just give us a SoH indicator already. When revolt can do it. I’m sure ather can too. I wish they’d do it already. It’ll even push us users to treat the battery better.

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I observed something odd… I observed it more than a month back. But, I waited to see if it is consistent before posting here…

Right from Day 1 - I filled Nitrogen instead of Air. Recently after purchasing Manual Air Pump for my wife’s cycle, I started filling Air for Ather too.

Surprised to see I am getting close to 8% range than before. To see if it is just air pressure, I tried +/- 2 PSIs than recommended. But, that did not matter.

I know it sounds lame. But, I am posting what I observed consistently.


This won’t account for the idle drain of the vehicle. Which can be between 8-12% for 24 hours.

Right. I guess it’ll work on a single ride right after I unplug it. Thanks.

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How many are facing the front suspension noise when you go over a ditch at any speed slow or fast , we get a mild thud sound, when ever I ask @Ather.Team they tell they are working of a fix and would let us know , I have this issue from almost the day I bough it , it seem more of something hitting some plastic part or a metal part not sure what is it, if I hold the brakes and ride over the ditch the noise is almost not there or very faint.
Anyone has a fix or any workaround to fix the issue , its very annoying to ride a silent vehicle and hear a thud noise on each and every pothole filled roads in Bangalore.
@Ather.Team , @abhishek.balaji , I have sent email multiple times and spoken to the service engineer and was told there is no fix for now , when is the fix expected as its been almost 7 months now .Or let us know if something can be fixed by customer himself if possible.

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Raised this issue everytime my vehicle was picked up for service. I recieved same response like you.

@santsplen and @srivatsabs24,

Checked with the team on this and seems to be a miscommunication somewhere. They mentioned it’s due to the suspension bottoming out, and is common in all two wheelers, and not an issue. This won’t cause any issues or hamper your ride. However, if you still face any issues, do reach out to the customer service team to schedule a service request for this, and we’ll be happy to do a deeper analysis.

I have ridden your Chennai Ather 1.1 and it does not have this issue and I have a scooty which is more than 10 yrs old and I do not have this issue @abhishek.balaji its not normal , there is some issue that you guys are not ready to fix it .
Let us know how it can be fixed , may be we can fix it ourselves (we just need to know the cause of the sound), why does suspension bottom out on a small ditch less than 1-2cm deep , when it does not happen on your later version of Ather.
I had sent vehicle for service , but its not fixed and was told we are working on a fix , not sure when that would happen.


Alright, let’s get this fixed. Raise a request and we’ll ensure we take a look at it clearly this time. :slight_smile:

I have sent an email yesterday please check .

Apart from the suspension noise , all other things are fantastic, the latest update is kind of ironed out all the issues I had.
Only thing missing is the ability to disable the firmware auto update feature via dashboard or via APP.
As Im happy with the performance and have not had any major issues with the scooter so far .
I also wanted to upgrade to 450x , was expecting a different design and increase in range , however did not get what was expecting , I shall look forward to see upgrade options or even buy another Ather in the coming days based on the new models that you guy would come up which would have better range and design.
Every time I ride it I feel so happy to ride an Indian based vehicle that is truly world class that too from a startup …Kudos to all the engineers and the wonderful team .


Same here my 6 year old Suzuki access 125 with same telescopic suspension doesn’t make this noise at all. There is something which is not secured or in way which is causing suspension noise.

Any Updates regarding performance degradation in Sports mode especially pickup which is reduced severely?

Do reach out to customer service to schedule service request.

There have been no changes in the riding modes in the past few OTAs, hence no changes in performance at all.

But my scooter doesn’t have pickup like ather experience vehicles at all. It can’t outrun even Suzuki access.

Have you checked the belt slack , is the tyre bald and any abnormal grinding sound from the gear or drives ??
Im still not very happy with the 4.x firmware with the introduction or ECO mode.
But there is no choice but to live with it.However there is no performance degrade seen on the latest firmware.

Two weeks back my bike was taken for 2nd time issue with restarting the dashboard and motor off… It was fixed… now again same issue. In 10 mins ride bike was off 5 times. I called customer service. They are pick the bike in 1 hour. When I am in traffic, the motor offs. Very risk to ride this bike… @ather.team… please… please… fix it…

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I don’t agree with Balaji’s verdict. Even i am also facing this issue and we have been riding the twowheeler and car for the past 25 years. This is probably a R&D issue where it has not been fixed in my vehicle since long time. I see lot of vibration in the vehicle from the day 1 and i am getting response from customer service that ’ there will not be any impact and it is there in all the Ather vehicle’. This is totally unaceeptable and after investing Rs.1.23 lakhs still we need to face these kind or problems and vibrations.

Yeah during last service they told they have adjusted belt tension. Still I am feeling performance in sports mode is not like before.

Looks like a Lock issue , get the lock checked as this may be a lock issue , I too had this issue and was resolved after changing the lock.