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Hey guys,

Coming to charging pod turning red and most of us have been blaming BESCOM for voltage fluctuations, have anyone tried charging their vehicles with a charging cable when the pod is red?

I tried the cable yesterday and it was green even when the pod was red, so why is the pod so sensitive while the cable itself is able to do the job?

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@Ather.Team Can you guys come up with a firmware update that can resolve it , its very painful experience for most of the customers here …

My first experience even before getting my Ather 450 has not been very pleasant. After completing all the required procedure I was informed that I would be delivered my vehicle on Sunday 23rd Jun at 1.30pm at Indiranagar.Subsequently I received another call on Sunday that their vehicle had broken down and if I could collect the vehicle from Bannergatta at 4pm, I declined the offer since it was very far away from my house, they gave me a new delivery date on Monday 25th June at12pm. After some time I again got a call asking me to collect it from Bannergatta on Monday, I declined the offer as I wanted the delivery at Indiranagar. Now the delivery date has been further delayed to Wednesday 27th June. Has anybody else had this type of experience? or is it that their customer support service infrastructure is not geared up to support the number of vehicles produced so far. I am a retired army officer who retired in 2005 after serving for nearly 35 years in the Para Regt Special Forces, and now I wonder if it was worth investing in Ather Energy and will I face similar problems when it comes to servicing the vehicle.


Hello Sir

sorry to hear that

am sure this is due to scheduled deliveries at Indranagar (may be they are occupied enough)

but am certain experience will be much better when it comes to service.

i know this could have been better - but they are learning…

and this issues wont be there going further…



@Shreyas Kindly look into this.

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Hello Sir,

Its an honor to have you in our forum.

As Abhishek said it might be reason. Believe me the guys in Ather are working really very hard to give proper and full solution to the customers. They are in the process of learning. you should not be having any problem in servicing the vehicle.
Definitely its worth in investing in Ather energy.

If you don’t mind can I collect the vehicle on your behalf and deliver it to you at your home. I will have opportunity to meet you as well… :slightly_smiling_face:



:clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:Excellent bro…

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I think we ar bargaining too much out of options… we need to atleast appreciate that they ar doing so much better than their counterparts…
End of the day its a machine… and believe me any premium products may face problems so why not ATHER


Yes, A constructive feedback will be good rather complaints.

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Thanks for the support. your comments are great it really means a lot… :slightly_smiling_face:

completely agree with you… :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for your offer Chethan, it is really kind and thoughtful of you and I appreciate your generous offer however I would like to collect the vehicle myself since I did not get an opportunity to test drive it hence I would like the guys in Ather to give me a detailed briefing and clear all my doubts before taking over.
I would love to meet you anytime at your convenience. My mobile no is 9632888500 please feel free to contact me.


Quick review. Definitely much motor slippage noise on hard acceleration, will call Ather service on Wednesday.
Also its been raining incessantly and the MRF Zapper tires are hard AF (nearly slipped 2-3 times) and offer zero grip…people who wish to save a life may opt for Michelin…ride quality will also improve… Just a question to Ather team, why the MRF’s? was it for longer range or a cheaper cut (i mean 400 Rs isn’t much)

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I completely respect your decision… :slightly_smiling_face:

If Ather Team agrees I can pick up the vehicle from IBC Knowledge Park and Drop it in Ather Space Indiranagar.

I would let Ather Team decide on this.

I’m sure they have tried out everything and chosen MRF. They are actually good. Light rain, wet road works completely fine.

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Can someone share the ideal riding practices to get max range in Ride mode. I am avoiding harsh acceleration as of now, but it is very difficult and tempting with the power at hand, but still I want to try Airport and back and plan for same.


Cool Anagh. Saw few posts here for tire slippage…hence posted. Also, maybe MRF’s being super hard offer better rolling and better range, hence chosen.
But if so then not ideal as personal experience from past 12 years on a RE, Karizma, Pulsar etc… MRF’s are pretty useless for safety. I had MRF’s (stock) on my honda city and have drifted a few times(with ABS ESP etc.) in emergency braking hence moved to Primacy and Pirelli, rest is your riding…drive safe

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hi ather owners @Shreyas can anyone please let me know whether this home charger working with DG power or not? in our apartment we are facing power cut issue and using dg as power backup.

I guess it’s something related to stock and efficiency. Hence they went with MRF. As you said it all depends on how you ride again.