Ownership Experience

Known issue. Usually if the display freezes it would reboot on its own after a few secs. If not, do a hard reset if the dash unit by holding both brakes and pushing the start button until the reboot a teen appears.

Known issue. A fix is due for this.

Again a known issue. Ather uses a Vodafone M2M sim and the only other provider for a M2M sim is Airtel. They used Airtel earlier and it was worse than what you have today.


Does anyone else have this problem? The timing belt is half way out of the pulley. Is it safe to ride in this condition?

don’t worry it won’t be a problem

it is balanced with second side on pulley


Not an issue. That’s how it’s designed.


Thanks. It is quite frustrating when there are small niggles that dent the overall experience which is nothing short of exhilarating.

Now the maps is totally dead. A message asks me to see the JavaScript console!

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Have posted an update on this on another thread.

My vehicle gets restarted all of a sudden, while driving. This usually happens around 5mins after I start driving it and have encountered this only in Ride mode now. This weird behavior has happened after the latest update on the vehicle.

It has been 3 months since I got my Ather, in that time, I’ve moved from ecstatic (10/10) to a bit irritated (5/10 due to niggles) to a very satisfied customer (8/10).

There are enough posts detailing the pros and cons of different aspects, I’m impressed that this company has produced a scooter that has aged well with no shakes or rattles despite all that I’ve thrown at it on Bangalore roads. The performance brings a smile every day and surprises a few people on the road. But the thing that impresses me the most is the fact that my motorcycle (Yamaha FZ25) which I love to drive, I last filled up in mid March and it still has almost 75% of the tank full.


Another milestone :-):grinning:
Definitely still more ahead in the cards…


Heyy Ranjan, thank you so much for your kind review. As I also have a 7 years old Activa I was also confused between whether I should buy 450 or not. As my Activa is just giving me troubles instead of savings. But now I am convinced that I should buy 450. But the problem is I’ve to wait for Ather to come to Pune…:sweat_smile:


I am waiting for pre-booking opening in Chennai

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Well … u r lucky buddy Chennai is second and Pune is third… But I expect ather should open pre-orders for Pune in August or September…:thinking::thinking:

Fresh capital induced in Ather I think they will fly the expansion to new cities also they can parallel start in Hyderabad and Pune this is why they are asking for expressing interest so they can know where demand is
to launch next


Heyy your idea is pretty good. They can expand to other cities parallely, but the problem is the production at present they have a very limited production. On the demand side I think ather is popular more in Hyderabad but in Pune ather is gaining popularity rapidly. I’ve already shown my interest for Pune. I think @Shreyas should look into the idea of @HarshaVardhan. All the best Ather team.

They would not do that until Ather Grid points are in place. It goes against their philosophy of providing a rounded experience to the customer.

And as someone who uses the bike every day, I appreciate the impact of the philosophy - No more range anxiety.


I am using a Vespa LX 125 since 2013. I always want to be different and buy things that most of them don’t. I have poured a lot of money into it’s service. A LOT. But Its a different class. Its the most expensive Petrol scooter and I still love it. As soon as tried the Ather I fell in love with it. And I pre-ordered it the same day. I will probably be getting my ather in 15-20 days or so. Can’t wait for the new experience.


Got my Nimbus ceramic coating done… looking amazing


How much does that costed and the location please!!

Where you got this done and how much did u paid?

Looking for review from some one who has done this to Ather or any other scooter / bike? Is it worth really? Is Ceramic pro good or the PPF film?