Owners in Chennai, tell us your experience!

After months of waiting. Finally got my bike delivered today.

Overall process was a decent experience.
Even though Ather is this fancy new modern startup with responsive customer service, there some issues that break the whole experience.
My only suggestion will be to better the communications between various teams. I had to call CC everyday to get stuff done. Basically like i was managing them. If there was an issue with my order they would put it on hold and it was not escalated properly to me. Not once, multiple times.

Now its time for chennai heads to turn, while i zoom past them ! :smiley:


I got My Ather 450 Yesterday ( 1-Nov-2019 )


Took 450 home today. Guys in experience center made us feel home. Anirudh was very cordial in delivering ather 450. Drove it home for 24 km in sports mode. Vehicle pickup was so good with 2 onboard. I thank everyone who made this machine & experience. Love TEAM ATHER


Congrats! I distinctly remember meeting you at the Chennai launch event. Enjoy the ride!

Thank You i also Remember you.

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Got my flight today. Loving it. :kissing_heart:


Took delivery on Sunday 10.11.2019.

Took my delivery on 31st Oct and I’ve been busy since, I couldn’t visit the forum.
I did face an initial hiccup with the sim module which affected dot charging, apparently it was a Vodafone issue, but once that got solved, everything is super awesome!

My dio feels pathetic after me getting used to this EV.
I did feel range anxiety at first but slowly I got to realise that the range estimation is HIGHLY RELIABLE!

You gotta trust me on this one!

Tried public charging at 2 points and that was a delightful experience.
And yeah of course the celebrity problem :sweat_smile:
Lots of ppl flocking around and asking questions.

Some sensible and some terribly absurd :laughing: like ’ oh that is battery vehicle?’
Personally I hate it when someone calls it that way.
It’s feels so passé and illiterate style.
I’d prefer to proudly call it an EV

One more thing, For an EV, rider’s planning is very crucial if you want to avoid getting stuck in the middle of the road.

There are extremely rare software glitches but yeah we signed up for this, it’s all 1st generation hurdles, none of them being too critical though so I’m cool with it!

Oh btw, apparently I’m the youngest Ather owner here, dunno about b’lore but yeah :sweat_smile:


Thanks for sharing your experience @naufalwaffl. Wish you a wonderful journey with the 450. Keep Wheeeing!

By the way, you may not like it when they call it “Battery Vandi” but Theoretically and even officially it is a BEV or Battery Electric Vehicle. So they are actually more precise :grin:

Anyway, hope you have a Driving License :slight_smile:


Hahaha yeah ‘Battery vandi’ :joy:, EV is a cooler way of saying it, just like how referring to smartphones as cellphones is weird now.

Oh btw I’m actually 22, got license on my 18th bday and driving an avenger since :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


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Till now good ride in my busiest chennai north area , driving here is like you are mastering for riding skills & Ather does the job swiftly. From the day I bought the Ather “All Is Well” no errors found in my vehicle Ather :grinning::grinning::grinning::+1:
My Ather 450 rides :kick_scooter:
Running Kms From Oct 20 - 429 Kms
patchy & bumpy roads - don’t feel at all
Watery roads - no skid
With Pillion rider - Runs smoothly
All is well in single line &
I am still learning how to manage my riding skills with it.
I jus patience enough to learn from my Ather because it is “ EV”

On roads everyone ask the same question already shared by Ather owners.
Yes one punches :fist_left::fist_left::fist_left:
PRICE OF THE VEHICLE when people ask ?
After my reply to them
There are no more questions from them :pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:


got my white knight today


Rightly said… Electronic Beast… We could add one more mode… Beast mode

Got my E-beast on Nov 15…


Got my delivery today. This is my first bike, and I’m riding one since I got my license 8 years back. Took sometime to get hold of it with my dad on the back seat, but once I learned how to balance the weight, it was an awesome experience. Covered 13km distance from Ather Space to my home. Still, have 84% charge left since I used both Eco and Ride mode. Will need sometime to switch to Sports mode since it feels too fast for me :laughing:


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Hi when can I expect the RC ??

When u booked sir…