Owners in Chennai, tell us your experience!

Hey Ather Owners in Chennai,

You’ve had the vehicle for about a week, how are people reacting to the “Wheee”? Share your experiences and photos!

Tell us your achievements! Has anyone breached the 100km range mark yet?


Pssst the Chennai delivery video is up!


Enjoying my wheee to the max…
Clocked close to 700kms and I do not have range anxiety at all, if we plan things well… Because what we see on the dash is the not a guessometer and it is the realistic value…
Have owned R15 and okinawa in the past…
This one is best of both worlds ecological and a fun machine…
The quality is top notch and I don’t see a compromise anywhere be it the suspension, charger quality, cable quality etc etc…
The handling is equal to R15 and the brakes are even better than R15…
What more can we ask for…


DOT installation today experience today.
Ather team - It will be great if you can do some messaging to TNEB, RTO & Traffic police at chennai.
We are spending a lot of time in fighting some crazy questions and misconceptions on EV. Example, My house owner contacted the Asst Engineer from EB and he said that installing charging points at home will damage the meters and he will not answer to future complaints. Owner was initially ok with the idea. But later after his discussions he got really worried that this is bad idea. I was able to convince him eventually. Ather installation person Gopinath also did a fantastic job in explaining along with me.
Waiting for my ride… Just thought of sharing my experience today.


700 in a week! Woah :smiley:


Have you seen this thread? Quite a few useful resources to get going!


Thanks Abhishek. I have convinced my apartment folks. The point however is that there is some level of marketing or Ad campaign required with the government folks as well. In my case they are the source of creating problem.

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All my friends in my office to whom i showed this vehicle were awestuck by it startig from looks to the features to the performance. Not to mention the innumerable people staring at you while you are on road and a few people eagerly asking for details. Enjoying all the attention i get when i ride this.

At the same time had minor glitches experienced by few starting from blank displays due to poor
Vodafone signal, app not synching on time, delayed or incorrect ride statistics at times etc. Most owners i guess feel it should have been 4G or the least better quality signal (vodafone seems to have near zero signal in few popular places in chennai which is a big let down).


As the first few on the road, this bike is definitely a head turner. Even after a year of deliveries in Bangalore, people still stare at it trying to figure out if its a modified TVS nTorq.


I started my two wheeler drive on a Lambretta, moved on to LMLvespa then Activa and Aviator.
But Ather is Ahter. “A White LEOPARD among the cats”
The bike is just awesome,superb drive,smooth and agile handling.At my age i was thinking a smooth and gentle ride along the city roads, but this vechile is bring out the racing instinct in me and am forcing myself to be on the ride mode .


It’s been an amazing one week of experience!
Enjoying the Ather to the fullest :grin:.

It sure is seeking a lot of attention from everyone on the road :sweat_smile:.


Video is fantastic Abhishek. :grinning::ok_hand:.

From being skeptical about an EV to being ready get rid of the 35 years of bullet life, my dad’s change over is fantastic. He glows up everytime he talks about ather to his friends.

Me, I personally LOVE this scooter. Everytime I’m at a signal, I put the ather into sport mode and when I open up the throttle, even a Yamaha r3 had to run for its money till the 40 50 mark. Personally, I feel the claimed 0-40 comes in a lot faster than 3.9 seconds at 100%SOC.

I’m very impressed with the way the vehicle manages over pot holes. There’s a lot of feedback coming over and I’m content with the rear suspension. Compared to ANY OTHER scooter in the market, this is the best money can buy right now in India.

Brakes are phenomenal to say the least!

There’s this autocar video which compares the roll on acceleration comparison between ntorque and ather, you guys need to trust me when I tell you, myself and another dude on the ntorque opened up the throttle at the exact same time, and I could see him in my rear view mirrors.

My personal favourite out of everything else is the


Now for the things that aren’t so great for me,

  • the belt of my ather is outside the sprocket by around 1.5 to 2 mm. It was exactly on the sprocket when I got it home. My dad’s ather sits perfectly on the left side of the sprocket adjacent to the wall.

That’s the only major worry for me, apart from a few sharp edges, there’s nothing else to worry about.

Me and my dad have had no problems whatsoever!

Forgot about the top speed, clocked in 92kmph. Bodyweight 83.


Hi, is there any post in this forum which explains as to why buy an Ather 450 over other EV Scooters?

No words to say the bike is crazy and full control one of the best bike I own till now . It’s awesome just love it .


How do I monitor how much current consumed by my bike alone ??

Hey @naresh.vaswani28,

This information is not available to you currently. If you’re on the Ather One plan, you’ll get a report every quarter with the units consumed. We’ve addressed this here:


Took delivery of my flight on Nov 5th. The delivery experience was smooth and I am overwhelmed by our IIT (M) boys’ hardwork.

Done some 100 kms till now and it is just pure fun to ride. The Sport mode is where this torque monster feels at home and as the other two modes are more of a struggle (to my liking). Even my children are spellbound by the looks and wheee sound of the bike. Yeah, joined the celebrity list with other bikers trying to catch up with my flight.

Wish it had the 14" wheels like the SR150.

Let the good times roll!


Chronology of my delivery process.
22nd Oct - Payment window opened. Payment made on the same day (Owned option)
23rd Oct - Got call for Dot installation appointment. Appointment given for 24th Oct.
24th Oct - Dot installation completed
29th Oct - Got call for appointment to complete Form 20 formality. Appointment given for 30th Oct
30th Oct - Form 20 signed
31st Oct - Document upload status update in Vahan
1st Nov - Registration completed. Got Registration Number.
2nd Nov - Mailed Ather the Registration number to speed up the HSRP order
5th Nov - HSRP status got updated in Vahan
5th Nov - Got call from Ather for Delivery on 7th Nov.(Delivery date range was 6th Nov -11th Nov) . Post confirmation, delivery date changed in Ather app.

Pretty happy with the delivery process so far. Kudos to Ather.


When did you order the vehicle Satish?

7th July