Owner Stories - EP7

Welcome to ‘Owner Stories’, a series that shares the unique experiences of Ather owners. Get ready to be inspired as we delve into the creative ways these owners utilize their Ather, showcasing the endless possibilities that await.

EP7 – Rahul Ravindranath from Chennai

Today, we’re showcasing the story of one of our long-time moderators, a familiar name on the forum, and a fellow EV enthusiast, whose passion for all things EV knows no bounds.

Rahul (@Rahul), an entrepreneur from Chennai, started his journey into the world of EVs long before it became a mainstream discussion. His first tryst with EVs dates back to 2005 when he got a BSA street model, albeit with a lead-acid battery, which he recalls to be quite sluggish in terms of performance. Nevertheless, having ventured into the world of EVs, he commuted with the BSA for 2 and a half years and clocked over 10,000 km on it.

Rahul tells us that one of the main reasons he was trying to shift more and more towards EVs is because the convenience of “always having a full tank” resonated deeply with him, eliminating the hassle of frequent trips to the petrol bunk. But his pursuit of the perfect EV for him was quite prolonged. He tells us that he has always enjoyed fast bikes and cars, and no EV was giving him the experience he wanted.

It wasn’t until Ather Energy came around that Rahul found his perfect match. He recalls driving down to Bangalore a few times where he saw the Ather being tested. He tells us that the distinctive sound of the Ather whizzing past caught his attention on the road. He has been following Ather for some time already and even traveled to Bangalore for the opening of the first EC. “I still remember my first test ride at the Ather Experience Centre,” Rahul recalls with a grin. “I was blown away. There was nothing this technically ahead in the market”, he said.

Rahul’s first Ather was the 450 Gen 1.5 followed by a 450x Gen 2 limited edition. He specifically reminisces about the old dash animations which he loved. He even tells us that he postponed updates to his Gen 2 almost every day so that he could retain the limited edition dash animation that came along with his scooter. However, his journey with his Athers wasn’t without its bumps. Rahul gave us a lot of insight into a lot of the early issues he faced at service stations and how the service center in Chennai was not able to diagnose his issue. He talks about having to take his Ather all the way to Bangalore just to sort out some early issues. Yet, Rahul commends the down-to-earth nature of Ather engineers, who patiently addressed his concerns, reinforcing his trust in the brand.

Rahul further tells us that his motivation to be a moderator on the forum stemmed from his observation of the Ather team’s willingness to disrupt the market with their innovation. He shared their enthusiasm and even jokingly said that he was almost like a marketing agent for Ather in Chennai. His enthusiasm extended to the forum too, and that’s how he initially became a moderator. He tells us that the forum helped him meet a lot of people along the way, that shared the same enthusiasm that he did for EVs in general.

Today, alongside his two beloved Ather scooters, Rahul also is the proud owner of an MG Comet, an Ultraviolette F77, and even a BYD, showcasing his dedication to exploring various facets of the EV landscape. Rahul’s eclectic garage is a testament to how he navigates the ever-changing terrain of the EV industry, with his enthusiasm fuelled by the collective passion of like-minded individuals in the community that he cherishes.

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@Rahul My Best Friend, He is the One who taught me to How to Maintain Customers WhatsApp Groups

Legend for a Reason :scream:


I recall meeting him at Community Day, he has helped me too regarding insurance related issues and the most frequent recollections that I have are for people asking him to add them to the Chennai group :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha Yeah He was the One who Maintained Coimbatore Group Too Earlier. After that He went on Silent Mode Then We created Our Own Group

Such a Humble and Great Person :open_mouth: Ather will never a Person like Him Bro :muscle: