OTA 4.3.0 - Early access for the Ather 450

@abhishek.balaji can you check if the update package to my scooter is rolled out or not? I’d kept the vehicle for charge for 2 days…I’m outside aince today morning. I checked just now and nothing available so far.

I have got the update yesterday to instead of 4.3.0, do I need to sign up for beta app also to receive the notification? Till now I have tried multiple things like moving the scooter while no key in , but never received the notification


When will the update release

When will your team add the left stand detection ,please add that feature

Are you a 450 Owner? If yes, that’s not coming for us.

@abhishek.balaji I have not got my update to my vehicle yet . Requesting the @atherspace.bglr , @ather team to look into this issue . And send the OTA to my vehicle asap.

How to update mine is still the old version

For those who’ve signed up recently, we’ll be rolling out the update in a day or two. On that note, we’ve reached the limit for this early access program, so will be closing the form.

Also, 450X owners, your early access/beta time will come, please don’t sign up here :stuck_out_tongue:


@abhishek.balaji i have signed up early still didn’t recive the update . Showing software version as 4.2.2 … Requesting @atherteam to look into the issue .

Thank you V AKHIL

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Hey, your vehicle is on the list and we’ll be sending the update to you in a day or two

Where u signed up for update

Even I want to update to new version n how do I do it and where to sign up to update mine is old version 4.2.1

Hey, this is an early access version that we’re rolling out to our community members. Everyone will be getting the update in roughly a week or so

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Hey Abhi, how do I sign up for the OTA for my 450

@abhishek.balaji for some problem in my turn indicator switch the Ather service center has rolled back the update to 4.2.2, can you ask the team to push update for my scooter again?

1st OTA since purchase done & dusted :smiley: thank you @abhishek.balaji

The ride to my office today morning was my first after the OTA 4.3.0. Had to defer ride on Ather until today morning due to inclement weather over the last few days. I observed one thing. I find that the ride was a lot more crisper and with more punch. And less noisy as well. Anyone else observed this?

@abhishek.balaji . I still didn’t get my OTA update . Please check and let me know .