OTA 4.3.0 - Early access for the Ather 450

Hey Ather 450 Owners,

The next OTA update (4.3.0) for your Ather 450 with new features and some improvements is almost ready. Before we take it live for everyone, we’re inviting you to experience the update early on your scooter. While you’ll be experiencing the update early, we’re working at full speed to do final checks and get ready to roll out for everyone.

What’s new in this update:

  • Theft and Tow detection
  • Some minor improvements and bug fixes

Faced any hiccups while using the new features? Disagree with our choice of font? We’d love to know your thoughts. Your feedback will go directly to the product team and help them work on future updates.

To sign up, head over to the link below and fill in your details. We’re opening up the beta program only to the first 100 users who sign up on the form below.

Like something? Something buggy? Share your feedback as a reply below.

Sign up: https://ather-energy.typeform.com/to/OnnTceVz

We’ll be pushing the update in batches as you signup, over the next few days.


Great feature. I am one of the last owners of 450 & unfortunately i am not in town to install the early update :frowning:

This would be the first update after owning the beauty :slight_smile:

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Sign up completed . Waiting for update :heart_eyes:


Sign up completed . Waiting for the update .

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Signed up for it. I’m so excited for this update :star_struck:

can’t wait to get update

Signed up :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

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I m waiting

Got update


How theft and tow detection will work?

I think​:thinking: tow detection will work (after locking) when scooter getting to much tilt. then making alarm & notification to mobile…:thinking:

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Its updated.:sunglasses: But there is no visible changes in dashboard :roll_eyes:

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@abhishek.balaji I didn’t get the update . Had registered still didn’t get the update .

From prior experience, the update usually rolls out on Play Store over a span of day or two and not simultaneously to all beta testers. Hopefully you should get it in a day or so.

Got the update. Yet to install it. Installation to evening as I had to drive by car since it was raining. Thanks Ather.

Very nice. Notification when bike is moved without a key

If there is sudden change in bike altitude then towing notification may come should try stimulating ramp by pushing 450 on a steep without keys


I updated my ather 450 no difference on my dashboard

There will be no visible changes in dashboard except the new software version no

This update will wake the bike internally when it detects movement or altitude change qnd send notifications in ather app to alert the owner

Hey folks,

We’ve rolled out the OTA to many of you. Those who signed up in the last few days will get the OTA in a day or two.

Theft and Tow detection is an under-the-hood feature in this OTA. You won’t see any changes in the dashboard, but if the vehicle is moved or someone sits on the vehicle when the key is not present, you’ll get an alert through the Ather app. The scooter starts tracking for movements roughly a minute after you turn the keys off, to avoid unintentional alerts.