Option to set Maximum charge level

There should be an option in the setting menu to set the maximum charging level. it is not a good habit to charge any lithium battery to 100% every day. it will reduce its life expectancy. right now if we charge at our home over night, there is no option of limiting the maximum charge level like 80% or 90%.

also there should be an option for very slow charging to charge our ev overnight. for example if we plug the charger at 9 P.M. it gets fully charged (or the max charge level we set in the settings) in the next morning 8 A.M.

this smart charging principle is implemented in many modern smartphones to extend battery health.


Until this comes as a feature (if we are lucky enough) I would suggest that you can use a smart plug to control the limits


I had called customer care asked about the charging habits. They told charge when battery reaches 20% to 100%. Its good gives more life

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It is a good personal habit, but people who have the OG 450 since 2018 have not noticed much difference their scooters for those who charged within these limits vs those who charged without restrictions.

(Perceptive information as of now. The factual answer would need extensive tests on individual scooters to find actual state of health)


This is mostly done and will be rolled out in ATHERStack 5. Setting to close this feature request.

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