Option to open boot from the dashboard

I think it would be wonderful to have an option on the dashboard to open the boot without having to turn off with the key every time. I believe Ola has this already. Can Ather also provide a software unlock for the boot?

I have two instances from my experience where this option would’ve been good to have.

  1. Recently I forgot if I had kept my phone in the boot or left it at the store I was previously at. So, for that, I had to stop the vehicle. Twist the key back to open the boot and found my phone. But since I ha turned the bike off, the ride has now been split into two. That affects how I do my tracking. And it seems unnecessary to have to turn the bike off to open the seat.

  2. When I had come home the other day in the sun, I heard that the dashboard fan was still running when I stopped the bike (didn’t turn off the key yet). As it was really hot, I wanted it to run for a bit to cool the screen. I took my helmet off and was placing under the seat, for which I had to turn off the key. And the fan also suddenly stopped, leaving the dashboard still hot. That was also unnecessary. An option on the dashboard would’ve been great so that I can open the seat, take what I want, all the while the fans are running.

What do others on the forum think? Would you like to have such an option?


Though it is good option, I am very skeptical on this as present boot lock in (450x and 450) is purely mechanical switch.


Oh, is that so? Is there no software control at all for it?

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My only concern for a boot lock via software, is that it needs your scooter to be switched on at time, and won’t work if your scooter is dead/runs out of battery. I wouldn’t want my phone stuck in the boot and it wouldn’t open cos the battery died, that would be worse. I agree it would be cool to unlock from boot, but as long as the mechanical unlocking still stays as a option, I wouldn’t mind!


Yeah, ofcourse the existing option to open it with the key still remains. This is just an extension.


Since boot lock is a mechanical switch, i hardly doubt opening from dashboard is feasible.

There is one way i see to solve your problem though: Software should consider only side lock as an indicator to close the trip. Turning off the key is not the only option to kill the motor as we have a kill switch for it. We usually twist the key to lock for charging and to open the boot. So side lock should reset the trip instantly and to cover wider scenarios of not using sidelock in our parking, if we remove the key without sidelock, after a predefined time (lets say 5mins) the software should end the trip… (some shops have dedicated people to assist bike parking and they will ask us not to side lock so that they can rearrange the bikes)

What do you say Ather devs ? Is it possible in future updates? Should we take a poll to see if anyone else thinks it is good to have? (Im new here, someone pls help me reach this out to Ather devs)

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There will be no use of redendant features (boot unloak via key or software). Current key mechanism is fine. OLA is facing lot of issues with Software key.

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I literally explained why having it would be good in the feature request. Did you even read it?

Also, like I said earlier in this thread, the physical option will always be there. The software lock would be another option.


Yes i red your option. But i said my opinion. There is no harm in expressing opinion.