Option to disable boot-up chime

Hi, Not sure if this is the right place for this topic. But can I disable ‘Key in ON- Start Motor ON’ notification sounds in the scooter? I know it’s an important safety feature in an all quite EV. But every time I start the vehicle my toddler son lays a siege in front of my bike as he knows I am going to my office. I am reaching late almost every day due to this. Not asking this as a feature request as I am not sure this would be useful anyone else out there. But if there is a method kindly let me know, this would bea temporary requirement till he reaches a certain age.


:slight_smile: An alternate: You have to push your vehicle to a distance where your kid cannot hear the sound and then turn on your Ather


Its the same issue with my kid too :joy: I push my bike for some distance and then start it.

@abhishek.balaji We should have an option to reduce/disable the start up sound. Its way too loud :shushing_face:

That’s an excellent suggestion. But are there any cons of pushing an EV while it’s on idle?

Nope, just make sure the motor kill switch is engaged, to prevent any accidental turning on/acceleration.

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