Open Source Software, Ather?

I am wondering if Ather plans to open source it’s software Code to an extent. I don’t know their data, privacy rules. Many enthusiasts here or any professionals may work, tune with the vehicle? Just a random thought :slight_smile:

For example, Tesla and Waymo are on github and they have valuable resources

Note :- This is just a open topic for discussion.

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very very worthy content,but we need not to take care about their software or code what ever its merely waste of time for us,until we dived into their product developments will be appreciable more than that they are clever because they know what scenario running in market

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It’s not as simple as an app or software you run on your laptop. This has like legal implications. Like who’s responsible in case of an unfortunate incident when you’re running modified software? Ather, you for installing or the maintainer of the modified version?

Also, the number of people comfortable with this is very very low, just a bunch of us enthusiasts willing to get our hands dirty with this.

But could be something we can explore sometime later, maybe for things that dont involve ‘vehicle functions’ like motor, battery etc.

Even if folks just want to contribute to the code, it requires a lot of effort on our end to enable such contributions. Which currently is not possible because of bandwidth constraints.


Agreed, very very less people would like to contribute. Maybe later when there are multiple requests for such maybe in 100’s or 1000’s folks who would like to contribute.

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Until then,