Open API and Platform

While @tarun and @Ather.Team is on a hiring spree to get engineers to build out future updates, it made me wonder why owners cannot contribute to building features and updates via a Community Development setup?

Sure I understand IP and copyright concerns, but would this actually help Ather build and deploy features faster - especially non mission critical ones?

Your thoughts?


Really good idea… Ather should consider this… We could be one of the first developers :slight_smile:

What about playstore like thing to get a plugin developed (based on the API), approved by Ather and get it installed to ur dashboard?


I agree on this…

Not just this alone, we family of Atherians can contribute many more things… Say ecosystem, next OTA etc…etc…


While it may not have come out very strongly, the community has always been one of the strongest places we consider feedback from. From things around range on the dashboard from early days, to SoC and manual trip meters on the dash.

Even now, the feedback on features and products on the forum is recorded and worked on with higher priority :slight_smile:


I’m not sure if they would approve this. This is due to some regulations. If you remember the second owner’s meet, the team said that if there are any substantial updates, they need an approval or something. I don’t think they will ever have Open API.

I use an android phone. And has been an android user since forever. I am not an engineer or something. But none of my phones are using the stock rom. I always use a custom rom. If at all Ather plans on open API and platform I’d like to see Linage OS on my dashboard.
Just kidding. :joy:


Brb porting over Flappy birds for AtherOS


uh uh. :joy:

You guys went way ahead of my thought process! :smile:. I was thinking more in terms of Dash UI features, stuff that does not affect performance , ergo, no need to govt approvals.

Especially features on the app do not need any govt approvals.

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@raghav.srinivasan excellent initiative… :+1:

I completely agree I am not tech guy but I will definitely give a shot.

We all can meet up some weekend to clearly understand your idea.

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Hey @Shreyas. There was some talk of open labs in the first owners meet. Is anything in the pipeline?

I don’t think so that will happen by the end of this year maybe next year … I think they are mostly busy in changing back end … i think that is the reason some users trips have not updated this month correct me if I am wrong

User trips issue is not tied to them being busy - that has more to do with data and cloud connectivity.

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yes u may be correct . I was just speculating

@k.siddhartha.varma had PMd me about an app you built on the iOS platform to access the forum.

Please share here so iOS users can try it out for some feedback.

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Definitely give me few days adding more features

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In Safari, you can open the share sheet and add to home screen. This adds the PWA as an app and works perfectly

If anyone using IOS 13 beta pm me I will share TestFlight link

I am using SWIFTUI to build app This feature is supported in IOS 13 and above builds

If some one can provide 3D model of ATHER 450 I can build AR based app


Happy to test it. Send me an invite at my username

Is there a way to access the bike’s location through maybe an API?

by using it, I can form a geofence through a service like IFTTT/Google Maps etc which inturn would help me automate a bunch of stuff like open the Garage door, turn the lights on etc.


Unfortunately, they have not hosted any of the vehicle features as an API. We’ve been asking for atleast non-critical functions like how an 4w OBD2 port would give you read outs

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