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Hey All,

I found out that the rear number plate and the saree guard are making a lot of noise, the number plate is touching the mudguard and the saree guard is very loose and makes lot of sound when run on small humps. The number plate part I can provide some filling using a double sided tape between the gap. But the saree guard, there is no way I can fix.
Is it ok, if I remove the saree guard ?

I removed it within the first week of delivery itself. You’ll need an Allen key set for the 2 screws that hold it in place.


Yaa, I do sometimes like to cruise in low speeds, and its not at all peaceful because of the noise created. But if I am at higher speeds, the motor whee dampens all the extra noise.
I’ll try to remove it today, should I be asking autovert for the same ?

The number plate and saree guard should not rattle under normal use. I had some rattling issues only when I attached a Bike Blazer to it, which made it heavier. Try raising a service request to fix this before removing the saree guard?

ohh ok, Got it. Actually, I removed it yesterday itself.
More than the rattling, I did not quite like the look of it. It wasn’t completing the naked look that was intended. The number plate rattling, I’ll see if it has reduced after this, or else will raise a request. Thank you very much for your suggestion !

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Got my bike back from Service. regarding the issues:

  1. tyre pressure loss,: They found a puncture again! hmm… anyway i will now need to monitor it again for a while.
  2. non responsive touch panel : Nothing was found to be wrong which could lead to the issue reported. but i see no change either. it is the same as it was before. They now have put on a 3M screen gaurd(and a very shaby job of that too, it looks like the plastic put around a new item that one would normally throw away before first use :frowning: )
  3. a consistent increase in the battery consumption - They said they found no issues and hence nothing was done about it. However they have committed to monitor my data now. not sure how that would help, but…

Yeah that screen guard was such a shabby job. Forget the air bubbles, there’s dirt between the screen and screen guard🤦🏻‍♂️ I could’ve just stuck a screen guard neatly myself.


That’s sad. Were you able to demonstrate non-responsiveness? If so, how come CC says there is no problem! I just wonder !


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Wouldn’t riding behind a bus or a truck really cut down on wind drag? Could help improve the range. Has anyone tried it?

It might… However do we always have head wind? If it is, will we have always? Tailwind may help up too. However, I do not prefer to tailgate Trucks or Buses, as they are more harmful than their counterparts (petrol) as they emit lots of CO, HC, Sulfar and termed as category 1 carcinogen gas. So, better we do not try.


today’s trip to holiday inn express, marathahalli from Dmart, kanakpura rd. counted 62+km to and fro with 30% charge with all time “Sports” mode.
IMHO people relating and expecting mode and range to be in sync is kind of unrealistic.
i can drive in Eco and get bad milage and i can drive in sports and get good milage. it is just that how good (efficient) you are on throttle.


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Howz the quality of the scooter. I use Honda Activa and as everybody is aware, the quality is top notch. I am not too keen to be a beta tester for Ather. Can anyone share if there any serious quality issues with the scooter

We’ll have to wait for ather to unveil the 450X and then comment on this.


Actually Ather wants me to reserve the 450X via a code. So wanted to know the user’s experience

450X has not been revieled yet. You can get feedback only on the regular 450.


What are the serious issues you have experienced?

Major issues I’ve faced with the scooter

  1. I’ve damaged my Horn button 2 times already. The switch gear quality isn’t in par with the price. It isn’t even in par with activas quality.
  2. The mirrors are next to useless. I’ve fixed 2 blind spot mirrors. Easy fix
  3. Seat was very very uncomfortable. So I got it padded and changed. Now its better
  4. The quality of the buttons and the throttle is below expectations. I have a lot of stickiness of he throttle.
  5. Quite a lot of standby loss of the battery.
  6. Touchscreen is not very responsive. I don’t use navigation a lot, but of the few times I have used it, it has crashed 5/7 times. That’s might be network issues In my area. Nothing to worry about.
  7. Touchscreen just stopped working once. Ather fixed it.
  8. Tyre pressure drop issue. There’s a continuous loss of pressure that a lot of us have. It’s a slow drop I’m pressure over days
  9. Regen is just not enough.
    It wouldn’t be fair if I stop here by saying only the major issues.
    All these issues considered, it is the best scooter I’ve ever owned or even seen. It’s leagues above any scooter on the market.
    It’s the perfect city commuter. I absolutely love my 450.
    Even with all these shortcomings. Id say it’s value for money, for what you pay. You might not be getting the premium feel. You defintely get the premium ride and experience(450X unveil aside) that you’d expect at that price.
    If you’re not able to decide if you should pre order the 450X, if you’re on the market for a scooter and your budget is around the 1.1-1.25L range and of course if you don’t mind not having a centre stand. Go for it. You won’t regret it.
    In case you do have your doubts. Pre order it. Wait for the launch. See it, ride it, then decide.
    Order now, decide later :stuck_out_tongue: (since it’s refundable ) better to get in que. That’s why I’ve pre ordered too. Waiting for the upgrade program and if I don’t want to I’ll give it to someone who might want the scooter sooner than they would normally get it.