On Road Experience


just checked

also i feel it is not required

as regen is low

if they assign hard regen to front brake Ather don’t have to work for this separately…

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hello Ather gang

came here

to buy this

but appears plant is closed. I’ll come back on Monday

heading back home around 39km

charge left 55%

should be easy

let us check if i will be left with any battery


back home now on flight 6947


the end

battery% left

just plugged in

What is Max speed during the entire ride…


plan was to stay around 40

stayed around the same 35-40

on the highway very little effort required to keep the pace constant

hello after gang

am here


started from park square mall with 83%



excellent updates from @Abhishek and we are all learning from his exp. as well.


from my recent ride experience: the indicator sound is hardly heard and hence we miss to switch off the same.

@Abhishek @Shreyas @Ather.Team
When stopping at signals, is it better to keep the kill switch on till a couple seconds for green light or should we kill it and reengage ready to switch on motor? this is more from the battery efficiency perspective. also, if we do not off the motor or engage the kill switch - does it consume more battery?


in terms of efficiency it doesn’t make big difference for you

but in terms of safety engaging kill switch at a signal stop is good idea

you don’t have to

it should turn off automatically when turn is complete

(at times this might not work, you can restart the system to fix it at this stage. but with the new update this bug will be fixed)

thanks @Abhishek , but I don’t see the indicators turning off automatically. might need more efficiency in switching off automatically.

It will turnoff automatically even in low speed also. If it’s not happening do one shutdown your bike from dashboard display and restart it. It will solve this problem as of now. Once new OTA will adhere this issue too

restart the system

hold both breaks and start button for few seconds

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thanks @sathyakumar.ece, @Abhishek for the suggestions. Will try this.

Hello Ather gang

yesterday i have been to Kolar and returned back (i need to charge there)

things didn’t go as planned - thanks to power cut in Kolar until 7 pm

Have gone to visit one of my colleague in K R puram…
(his entire family liked the bike - though purpose of visit is not showing the bike but this took over in the end - every both couple have test ride the bike and really impressed - and started to re-plan their budget to own one)

from there headed to Park square mall for charge…

Started at 82% charge and reached Kolar with 22% left total 56km

was cruising above 40kmph all the time

was stopped by a person who was following my flight for a long time driving a car - he asked some feedback (which is obvious) and queried about range and where and why am i going…
later he said he already put reservation in December…

I can understand he just couldn’t wait to get his Flight!


later i reached Kolar

Plan is to recharge for 2hrs till 80% and get back to home! (66km)

but electricity board have different plans…

there was update in newspaper that day -there is some works going on at sub-station and power will resume only by 6 pm-

no homes, business have electricity - basically it is real holiday for all of them in Kolar.

tried recharging in a petrol pump which is running on generator - but our flight didn’t respond.

all homes are running on UPS.

now there is no option except to wait…

so, waited till 6pm and no power – now the anxiety started as i have to return to work the next day (today)

finally at 7pm power is back and immediately started charging (luckily there are no hiccups with the plug, earthing etc)

now i took this chance and have decided to do a efficiency test by riding with pillion (extra weight)

so have asked my colleague (stays in Kolar who is kind enough to offer charge - he works with some other team/department) to hop on and we both started at 9.10pm where the charge is 82%

when we reached nagavara signal near manyatha tech park battery is empty and total distance covered is 67.9km (at 35-kmph) - very careful driving - took 2hrs

as office is nearby - no problem at all…

had i recharged battery to full it would have been much easier (in terms of cruising speeds and reaching destiny etc) but last 20% will take more time - so didn’t felt economic in terms of time factor so have made a decision to start!

so, even in odd situation (no power) managed to test vehicle with added factor (weight)

so - i believe u will need around 5-10% extra battery to achieve similar mileage with dual (with careful driving*)



Elevation of Bangalore 920m.
Elevation of Kolar 820m. Some difference may be attributed to this also.

yes it does

but data we have in regards to elevation is not so accurate - may be throughout!

but anyways we can consider round trip details always - which still shows efficiency is at its best if not good

with little adjustment in speeds we can achieve/exceed the said range considering various variables…


Abhishek, you are one lucky owner getting such awesome range, mine I never crossed 50 in eco mode so far. Now I am thinking what to do as I can’t depend on the vehicle which has 50 range, 5 to 10% drop in every night and the last 10% left the vehicle speed decreases. Technically I am can confidently use it for max 30 kms, which is worrisome for the price I paid.

@Shreyas I am not happy with my Ather, I want it to be fixed ASAP.

this isn’t about luck

i believe no two Ather 450 are different… (all are same)

except for range prediction (again this is to do with riding style)

i cannot really comment on the problem at this stage unless i see what is causing it

if time permits i would like to check that out personally If you are ok with it

taking some test rides along with you