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Yup same issue for me too at about 2 months in. It feels like the resistance between the rubber throttle and the inner metal handle. It’s quite annoying. Maybe applying some lubricant would fix it. But I don’t want to take it apart myself🤔

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Ha ha :smile:

Yeah… !

Did you get OTP update

OTA? No. We haven’t got it.

Anybody here can help with the portable charger near wonderla

Near wonderla? :fearful:

7 km before wonderla on Mysore road

Auto correct problem yes I mean OTA update

One “I’m-tired-of-answering” card already gone. A gentleman came to me at sarakki signal and enquired all about the vehicle. The signal turned red 3 times and it helped him. Gave him the card that we got today and he told he’s contemplating replacing his 10yr old Activa with an EV.


Everything looks normal… Except that this was happening when the vehicle was idle. :slight_smile:

Yes… Even i have notice this once I believe. But it came back to normal after few seconds. :slight_smile:

I have faced this too, but it has happened only once and has not reoccurred.

Another milestone :-): Definitely still more ahead in the cards

Thank you @Ather.Team


You know la, I did around 70+ KM’s today.
North Bangalore to South, then near airport and then north Bangalore again!!


About 10 + times in a month I faced this issue. Immediately I’ll restart the bike. Later I’ll hard reset. It will not pop up for a week or more.

Same thing happened yesterday with @AnaghDeshpande scooter.
I hope it’s fixed in the OTA

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I have seen 4 times.
Twice the screen got stuck and restart helped.
Once it corrected itself in few seconds.
Once yesterday where this was going on for around 30 seconds after I completely stopped the vehicle

My guess: is it the same lag which is causing turns to be missed?

Not sure why it happened but in my case I wasn’t using navigation so there was no question of missing turns because of lag, but the screen did take a bit of time to catch up with its animation I guess, I noticed it when I stopped at a red light and the screen started showing different speeds.


Happened with me yesterday, missed a turn because of lag

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