On our way to Chennai

I’d love to do that. Just to prove the owners that you can go to places with your ather :heart_eyes:

Chennai launch video…beautiful.

PS: Don’t miss 1:59 to 2:00 :wink:



Autovert has yet to update the leasing plan prices for Chennai. Could you please help me in getting the updated one such that i would be easier to decide faster.


Nice video… Now I can find my video in Youtube :wink:

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nice, audio of whistle also captured

i liked the ending as well

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also the guy challenging Bangalore owners,

he is also in the first test ride video from bangalore

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Waiting for opening of Chennai showroom

The lady at the end made it a point to come inside and compliment us (BLR owners) for keeping this forum active. I called my my mom to tell her that I met her doppelganger :smile:

Loved the fact that the people of all ages are so excited about the future of EVs.


this pic is just an example



True. It was a nice gesture from her. She came to me when I was in the lunch queue and thanked me for coming all the way for this on a weekend. It is one of the many moments I’ll remember from that weekend
I’m not sure, but I wondered if she is Sunitha Lal, the Head of HR at Ather.


She was a customer. She had pre-ordered and asked if I did too,before I pointed out that I was a Blore owner. She was quite happy that all of us had come down for this event… :slightly_smiling_face:

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where am I?

how did i miss her…:thinking:

may be busy eating. :grin:

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Yes, I spoke to her in length. She is a green enthusiast. She wanted to own e2o in Chennai. Her family is not that for and thinks she is mad. She carries a steel tumbler along with her all the time so as to save paper/plastic cups.She has been inspired by her eco-friend.

I said she is not alone on this and I said I am also part of same wagon.


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@Abhishek I think you were busy hiding… :smiley:

@arvind_nair great to hear about you green initiatives

@raghav.srinivasan we not only have all age of people we have all kind of people from Creators, supporters and criticizers… :smiley:

So all Green Boys and Girls we need to plan Green trip to @rajeshkav home to understand the concept of green… :smiley:


@AnaghDeshpande dont worry there is metro station close by Ather space its called “Thousand lights” you can catch a train reach airport… :+1:

Yes saaar. That’s the plan. But I have 2 bags with me. Not sure where I can store them.

Hey Everyone!

Ather Space opens in Chennai today! It has everything the Bengaluru space has but more.

Do head to Ather Space to check out the 450 is you haven’t yet.

Here’s the address: https://g.page/Ather_Space_Chennai


15th August is Independence Day Anagh. Most likely Ather Space will have to remain closed :frowning: