On our way to Chennai


Thanks for waiting to join Ather and supporting green energy… :clap: :clap:
I hope all your disappointment will go once you ride the bike.
They were going through bit rough time because they are new in market and it took time to sync in.
Hope you understand and support Ather… :grinning:


Thanks for explaining, Chethan :slight_smile:


Any information on what is the average waiting period if I book the vehicle on June 6th 2019 @Chennai? @Ather.Team


In the mail Ather has mentioned as below,


You mean July* 6 ?


Oops… Yeah, I meant this Sat… July :slight_smile:


It says we stand a chance to get it delivered by Sep’19 but that’s an optimistic statement I believe.


Demand and supply chain is quite tough for Ather :pleading_face:


Hi Team,

I have booked a slot to meet ather team and do a test ride on Sunday Afternoon slot.

I am planning to bring one of my friend along with me is that ok to bring him along with me.

Also we have a you tube channel called ‘We Analyze’ we are relatively new channel in the board doing automobile reviews in chennai.

As we are growing we would like to put up a video on Ather bike and its performance.

So will I be allowed to carry my DSLR to cover the Ather session and to take few video coverage of the bike.

Also we are planning to do a test ride with the action cam mounted on our helmets so is that allowed.

Please reply.




am owner of Ather (flight)

am sure Ather wouldn’t restrict you

may be they will encourage you

bring all your equipment


Thanks for the support Abhishek.

We will meet you at the event for sure and hoping to have a full riding enjoyment with Ather.


@Ather.Team I have a suggestion. Can you keep the grids open in Chennai (Saturday morning thru Sunday afternoon) till the time we’re there? I’m pretty sure some people would like to go on night rides, they might probably utilize the grid for the early morning ride the next day.


All are open I had checked few




Been to Ather 450 Launch at Chennai and it seems that it is going to be big hit !!Pre booked and looking forward to own it soon!


@chandru_13. Super! You guys will actually get it so much faster than the Bangalore folks!


Waiting is often relative… We could wait for 1 year for 450 delivery, but more desperate to get OTA…

So Chennai Athereans are as desperate as Bangalore :wink:


@Ather.Team I’ll be in Chennai on 15th August. From 3 - 9. Have a flight to catch in the night. I have nothing to do in Chennai. Can I come to the Ather Space and talk to some of the guys? Can you lend me a ride for half a day?


That will be the longest test drive!


by owner!!