On our way to Chennai


Always there is alternate for everything.

May be I will come after when Rome is built :wink:


Be part of building Rome, there is so much fun. I am sure you will enjoy to see your own built city, empire. Satisfaction you get to see what you have built will never been equivalent to someone else’s built.

Anyway, hope to see you in Ather Meet on 6th or 7th in Chennai. I wish you can take your call after the test ride and discussions.


:100: Agree with you sir. We need to be a part of the process to enjoy it to the fullest.


The final product is actually worth the wait. Yes, it is not perfect, but they’ve still managed to make a revolutionary product and It’s worth the investment. You’ll notice a lot of ICE scooters will also have similar issues with their vehicles. My scooter has never disappointed me in terms of performance. The power felt in sport mode still surprises me even after 2 months.
Just my 2cents.


Just today, a Duke rider pulled by my side on the ORR to ask how the bike was. I gave a thumbs-up and in response he said “Thank you for doing your bit for the environment and being an early adopter”

Made my day!


Unluckily I can’t wait because of various reasons.

Ather should be happy to have so many ambassadors :clap:


Well said Sir… Its a unique opportunity to be part of this journey, especially one where we all have a collective say :slight_smile:


I really hope you get a stable vehicle in future. Till date I’ve not seen even one stable vehicle (ICE or EV). All have their own share of issues.
Furthermore, an EV is more like a mobile phone and like a popular brand’s tagline, they NEVER SETTLE
Enjoy your new ICE scooter and wish you a problem-free ownership.


My brother didn’t wait for Ather and bought Ntorq.
Waiting was 45 days.
He got it within 40 days. NOT REGISTERED.
But the problem starts.

Fuel leakage.
After starting the engine, fuel would drain.
Later when complaint with TVS, they changed the fuel pipe.
Then came the display problem, repaired it.
Then was the mileage problem, and soo on.
So basically, he could not ride it with full fun.

P.S. After 2 weeks, he got the number.

@ps.karthic I think you should reconsider.

Nothing is perfect. But Ather Energy will get close enough


Got email invite for CHENNAI EVENT also for selecting slots. I had selected Sunday evening


I am attending Sunday Morning session.


Sure Abhishek. I am attending Sunday morning session. Your trip plan seems exciting, meeting like minded unknown faces. Have a safe trip. I am yet to check out the Myth thread.


I cant stress enough how quick Ather is to accelerate when compared to traditional bikes. I know its more about the rider than the bike itself but I WILL NEVER BUY A ICE AGAIN AFTER THIS VEHICLE CHANGED MY MIND


Excellent Guys… :clap: :clap: :clap: appreciate each and everyone effort in this forum. Great lines written here @ayanahmedhussain @rajeshkav @AnaghDeshpande @crispypoppadom @raghav.srinivasan @hemanth.anand


Hi, joining the party on time. I have been following Ather innovation for long and stopped after Chennai launch was not in sight. Now it looks like its going to happen. Excited!
I had almost finalised Aprilia 150 instead of waiting. Now there is a chance to own this angel. That its a product of my alma mater is an added touch:grinning::grinning:


To start with I am a long time bike rider (almost 18 years)… Since the mid of 2018, I have looking at alternatives to my bike and the big paradigm shift of switching to a scooter. I was eagerly waiting for a scooter which might come up with a ABS option. I had to wait patiently for such a scooter and one fine day came across an YouTube video about Ather 450 and fell in love at first sight; not just because of the looks but the on dash navigation system, silent throttle, green energy and more…
I was disappointed to hear that they were setup only in Bangalore after which I decided to move on and had finalized on Aprilia SR 150 ABS and just about a few days before I had decided to book the above said vehicle, a surprising advertisement “Ather coming to Chennai in June” just blew me and the adrenaline rush was so high that I couldn’t wait for it. I dropped all the plans of buying fossil fuels propelled vehicles anymore which gave me a sense of social responsibility contributing towards green energy and thanks to Ather.
I am on the verge of designing a plan for my new individual house where I am likely to setup a small Solar plant which will give me a zero recurring expense experience (after buying Ather 450). Looking forward to the new age commutation and can’t wait long.
P.S: I would like to express my disappointment to Ather and team that the pre-bookings were moved from June to July but I would like to you guys to compensate on the delay with express deliveries.
(Sorry for the long and dull story) :slight_smile:


It’s worth the wait if you ask any one on the group, they’ll tell the same thing. ICE is going to die soon anyway. Just wait for ather. It won’t disappoint you. We’re all coming to Chennai next week. Let’s hangout :smiley:


Thanks for the pep and I am optimistic about Ather. Looking forward to meet you all.


Love that you decided to go all out with Ather, happy to hear you’re going solar too! Hope to see you there friend, its going to be great and you’re gonna enjoy taking the 450 for a spin! :slight_smile:


Thanks, Aravind! Excited about interacting live with pro-Ather owners like you.