On our way to Chennai


That’s amazing. Riding it all the way to Chennai and back would have been tiring. One way is fine.


PMing you.


How many Ather owners from Bengaluru visiting Chennai?


How do you plan this long distance travel in Ather? By the way, my parents stay in Ranipet. Not sure what route you are taking. Let me know if I can be of any help.


Around 70-80 I guess.


@Abhishek you can get his help as you are planning via chittoor, ranipet is 47-50 kms from chittoor and it is on the way to Chennai no big detour required


Wow is it due to Chennai launch?
Is it planned by Ather or owners?
Even shipping bikes
Share some details regarding this group trip?


Not sure what is the agenda. And what I can share or not. But trust me it’ll be amazing.


Hey Dada,

I request you to join us in the bus for this time. It will be good to have you on board and let Ather ship your bike to Chennai.


hey buddy thanks for the help

ranipet is little off route

planning way from chittoor to arakkonam - distance will be 75km and from arakkonam to chennai around 80km which will be ideal for me to complete the trip with less stops

anyway will cathup at chennai!!

again thanks for the offer -


on return


Sorry buddy. I’m no where near to your requested place. I’m located in Sholinganallur. Let me know if you need any other help.


no problem



Because of long waiting period and various initial issue with the product, I am planning to go with conventional ICE scooter.
Will give a try when it is stable and readily available.


Come one dude, you will miss out.
ICE vehicle, buy aprira 160.


Yep aprilia is on my list. I think max cc is 150


Yaa maybe.
I am ATHER fan.
So don’t know about cc


Check this out and hope you will get convinced.


got help at arakkonam by our @rjaswant

thank you buddy


Rome was not built in a day. Rolls Royce is not built in a month. All good things take time. :slight_smile: