On our way to Chennai


Waiting for your big bash in chennai


Purchasing vehicle and satisfying with the new features is not the main crieteria. The main challenges are only the Back up given to customers with the services and the cost of Parts. That we need to know and how many service centres are already open to fulfill the amount of vehicles getting sold.


For now servicing is at doorstep. Given the number of vehicles on road, that makes sense… Because, it won’t be efficient to open 15 service centers across Bangalore for 500 scooters.

In a recent interview @tarun had mentioned there will be service points after they reach the target of 10k vehicles on road…

Regarding the charges, Ather has posted the charges in FAQ section for people who don’t take subscription and pay per service… I guess it’s pretty transparent…


Well done and superb transparency. I wish the people will join you in large numbers becoz of your different product, Transparency and technology. But at the same time be adhere to your policy in long term also. Becoz once you delay in service or warranty of products after service or replacement of new parts is also a keen area you have to focus. Becoz that may damage your reputation if not committed on time.


I am super excited about the launch date, waiting to see my delivery date.

I have been following Ather for more than a year but they were in Bangalore only.


Falling in love again after my lose of bike was really a tough walk in my life. I was certainly in need of a bike but couldn’t get in love with any of the bike, I don’t wanna drive like a person who is dead deep inside in love for bike and it wouldn’t be a good choice too. Some how I have managed to commute daily and here I am in the A-list of Ather waiting to Pre-order Ather 450.



Welcome home! I still remember the days when i used to pass by your office in IIT Research Park and always knew you guys are going to be in this game. Do you have a leaderboard for negative carbon footprint? Based on the mileage clocked?

P.S: This text input box doesn’t scroll up on a mobile device. We can’t type as well as see what we type at the same time.


It works for me. There is no scroll bar, but you can swipe on your reply, up and down and it’ll scroll. Maybe you should use Chrome, if you’re not.


waiting to see this bike on chennai roads.
lets show the world that india also cares for the environment

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@Ather.Team Be great if you guys could set up atleast one set of charging points on ECR between Chennai & Pondicherry. Rides to Pondy from Chennai are a regular event during weekends and I bet it would be an instant hit…!


Are you from chennai…


Not a native but I was in chennai for 8 years, college and then work :slight_smile: Pondy trips were a regular thing for many of us!


Any Ather charging Grid in T.Nagar Chennai


@Ather.Team @Shreyas, I heard that deliveries to Chennai will be starting from month of September. Is it true? Sadly I can’t wait till then.


There are people who have waited for 9-10 months. Considering that, 3 months is nothing


hey Future_Owners_Chennai

any one from arakonam


need help to charge my Flight on 5th july (will save some time by not searching for help)


Hey Abhishek, I don’t think its a good idea riding all the way to Chennai. You will probably be tired by the time you reach Chennai. And its anyway gonna be 2 days of jam packed events. It’s advisable to ship your bike with all our bikes and come along with us in bus or train. When the whole team is coming in bus or train, come and chill out with us. This is solely my opinion.


He is Dada… Do not underestimate him…! He has traveled all the way to his home town (vijayawada?) under scorching sun…

Yes, I agree with you that we can gel well if he travels in bus/train.


Not underestimating him. We all know about his achievements.
But the next two days will be all about ather and rides and meeting people. It’s better if he comes with us, rests for a night before all the events so that he’ll be fresh the next day.


even i want to travel with you guys, so have planned travel by train on return

where as while going - as per my plan i should be able to reach chennai by worst 11pm - so no problem