On our way to Chennai


Great Thanks for the support


You do not want to reply to personal comments but YOU DID.
Hence let me give you a response on it.

  1. Ather was talking this and that… only.

I personally confirmed with ather twice on expected dates in chennai so that i can plan my purchase. They said, the product will be launched in June but dint.
Hence, i had my point said. (For your sake alone, let me say. ATHER was WRONG there. Accept that.)

I have waited for them for 4 months ( precisely 4 months and 18days) till date defying to buy any other brand. They gave a surety of Date & Time AND THEY DIN’T STAND BY IT.

  1. I quoted the tag line & i was correct again.
    I think, i questioned them on their own statement not with a virtual glimpse. They did say what I quoted, publicly and personally

  2. Fooling or Not, its a perceptive parameter here.
    IT IS a way of Fooling for those, who have been waiting for months to buy one, by blocking funds in account.Those who waited this long will know that pain. If you dont feel so, its of my least bothering.

  3. Again … What you assume of
    what Ather thinks or what is ather’s concept, is your own view and i do have my right of having mine (with their approach).

  4. Coming to your logic of
    "Contribution to development of the organization and not posting discouraging comments".

If you want a forum where all sing only Hails of Ather, THAT IS THE ONE WHICH IS NOT HEALTHY.
If you can’t take criticism, that shows your immaturity.
Accepting, Criticism and Questioning the module of your favorite company is a way to helping them by carving their flaws. It would great if you understand that.

Again, this is NOT an actor fan base forum where, we can only talk & praise of Ather with "Jai Ho" comments. I will proudly point out if they dont stand on what they promised to deleiver. WHICH I DID HERE and iam not worried a pinch for it. I will criticize them being a well-wisher.
If it’s a pinch of salt for you, sorry, I cant help it.
Accept criticizing & correcting flaws is a way to develop a good organization and a product.


Haters goona hate… They do not understand the amount of technical work, intelligence put up in bringing an work environment to this level. No two Wheeler manufacturer can match Ather for at least one year from now… Stay cool… There are people who understand Ather.

If someone cannot wait, let them buy something else available on the market.

Love Ather, Tarun, Swapnil and Ather team for their efforts so far. :heart_eyes:


Thanks for the advise buddy really makes sense…:slightly_smiling_face:


Hey man, take it easy. The Ather 450 is still a product for early adopters. Existing vehicles have all of their production, supple chain, support and tracking well established.

I don’t know if you’ve ever backed a crowdfunded product or pre ordered products/services but that’s how it is.


I could be totally wrong here but this forum is not for support. It’s meant for early and constructive feedback so Ather can work on making their products better. It’s not for us to play devil’s advocate here.


We have been 10 months in the forum and waited and still waiting for delivery.

We haven’t lost trust or thrash the team like the way current happening.

I promise, once test drive and experience provided by Ather in Chennai.

Everyone mindsets will be chilled. Until that it is matter of time and patience.

Cool Guys.

Ather started from Chennai they never disappoint anyone.


Wow, have been waiting eagerly for the dates for the past one year, just look forward to a ride and then to own one. Have been an electric fan from the days i have been working on Non conventional energy sources.would like to explore an option for charging My Ather through the solar panels


Disappointing announcement :disappointed_relieved:
I have been waiting for 5 months to replace my old vehicle and one more month of waiting :anguished:

May I know how long it will take to deliver after pre-order?


Delaying only gives competitors an advantage like yamaha, 22 motors and few more who choose replaceable batteries which makes sense when you have to charge your vehicle daily. Its a definite overhead until we habituate. Someone with more electric sense than mere prolonged awaiting supporters can give more insight. Luckily it gets delayed, if not would be left with only 1 choice :slight_smile:


Taking it easy has been the role play from the date of the Chennai announcement.

I have backed several CrowdFunded products at IIT levels and i know the protocol involved.

I dont know whether you realize it or not, When you develop a CrowdFunded concern or a products, it does comes with a lot of Responsibilities. In fact, you are more responsible when it comes to this journey.

You are suppose to be inside out for the reliability you have been summoned upon.
Hence that way, Ather is more liable to acknowledge, answer and respond according the interest of the people.
I really felt useless taking this discussion ahead, hence i dint bother to reply.
But today i had a conversation with a friend from Chennai(basically vellore), who is equally frustrated with Ather because of this delay. I remember, he in fact traveled to Bangalore exclusively for visiting ather.
After hearing his sorrow, i was forced myself to reply here.


Yes it does give s great upper hand for the competitors.
I have tried OKINAWA after they switched of Li-ion batteries but they are not up-to the mark & not trying too atleast till now.
I would have loved if Gogoro or Kymco is available in Chennai. But i am sure, Indian’s logically & ethical thinking has to improve a lot for making “exchanging battery” method a success.
Am sure, a keyed pass will be involved in the exchange process.

Dont know, whether to wait for Ather or Look for alternatives if any


Till the time, You see haters inside critics, No way, you will step out of your tiny pot.
The dream you are living with your “Blind Jai-Ho” hopes is bcz you are unaware of the world outside and you think, your pony is better than horses outside.

This is a competitive world buddy. It will blink you out if you don’t adapt to the requisites.

Waiting is not the problem discussed here, everybody here are waiting for past 4-5 months. The point is, Ather is not standing by their promises OR they are making Castles in Air with a timeline.

Come out of your shell and do some favor to Ather team by realizing & pointing them out when they go off-course.


Perhaps it’s time you tempered your expectations from a startup that’s effectively launching new tech, a new way of fueling up, a new eco system without any real OEM support–basically an entirely new space even established players haven’t made any real progress in. Its critical that they get it right the first time.

With that context in mind, 3 weeks from today should not matter.


I personally waited for 9 months for my 450 to be delivered - longer than we waited for our daughter to pop out! What was supposed to delivered in Oct-Nov18 was done during the last week of March 2019. During the Open House in Dec 2018, they had a tonne of brickbats thrown at them for the delays and the confusion on mileage that was shown on the dash.

They were upfront on the issues they had and what they were doing to address it. Its only when we interacted with them did a lot of us understand the insanely absurd legal requirements that are imposed on manufacturers - something as simple as introducing a new ride mode (ECO Mode) would need to go through the homologation processes, eventhough there was no hardware or design change that physically alters the vehicle.

I haven’t seen a Non-ICE manufacturer conjure up so much excitement in the market .- Atleast not since the REVA days.


Postponing by one week is not big deal. Getting is right is the big deal.
Your so called competitive world is not matching Ather. Period


This is startup company. Where people there are fighting their way out each and every day with new rules legal requirements, people issues, customer issues, many things they need to look at. but still they are doing their best for the customers.

Expecting exponential outcome from the company which has just started is not correct

Unlike other big ICE company who may have abilities to influence the government decisions.

Competition will always be there but once company starts getting stronger slowly by building on long term goals. competition will not with stand.


I wonder will people bash the Hondas, Suzukis and the Heros of the world if they have a delay of a week :sweat_smile:


How long does it take for full charge. How many kilometres would it last


Parrys is an area with huge potential. Try to add charging grids in Parrys