On our way to Chennai


May be they plan to open the pre booking window on Jun 5th just as they did in Bangalore. But wondering why the silence.


Planning for June 15th what I heard.


when will you start pre order


Started to audit :wink: charging points first stop yesterday, soul garden bistro, kilpauk just 1km from my place but I think no e20 users started using they have put some stuff before charger not complaining just sharing what I have seen


Update all the things which were kept before grid point was cleared when I went there today posted photos in Ather grid locations thread


Visited Wallace garden road, nungambakkam, Chennai, opp. Sandy’s shop where Ather experience center going to come, Ather not only substitute for premium ICE bikes like Vespa but also replacing ultra premium brand showrooms (previously that place used to be Harley Davidson showroom):joy:



enquired ather through their customer care no, was told that pre-order will start for Chennai probably by second or third week of June. As soon as I called them , they greeted me with my name , they told I’ll get notified when the pre-order starts.

Expressed interest couple of years back , eagerly waiting for launch in Chennai.



Hey Guys!

Pre-orders will open in Chennai for the A-listers (our pre-order interest customers) on 8th July, a day before it opens for the world on 9th July.

There is an exclusive 24-hour window that’ll be open for A-listers on 8th. We will announce more details closer to the date. Additionally, A-listers will receive an email invitation by the end of this month to test ride the 450 before anyone else in Chennai. :slight_smile:


waiting for the electric experience


Wow… Finally. I have been visiting the forum daily for an update on pre-order date. Eagerly awaiting for the test ride invite. Can we get in touch with Autovert even before 8th July or should we wait if I go for the lease?


I was expecting the pre-orders to open on June , as the banner in website said June.
Little bit disappointed.
May I know what’s the cause of delay?


They promise to deliver by Q2.
"Ather is coming to Chennai. June it is"
This was their Tag… Now, they are saying…they will start bookings by July8th.

Ather thinks, they are say anything & their crazy followers will observe.

I have been postponing for 4 months now, purchasing a new electric bike, Now again another 1 month extension for booking alone… How much more …i dont know


The delay due to FAME II compliance is what is mentioned in the mail. I am happy that Ather has chosen Chennai as second location and now there is a concrete date. Its just few more days of wait.


After preorder, Most probably they would make us wait for 6-12 months for delivery. Not sure whether they would speed up their manufacturing process.
While I appreciate the idea of creating the infrastructure before they launch in any city.

If their expansion goes in this pace. I’m sure dozens of mfg’s will be competing with them in the next year. Causing a threat to their startup.
Gogoro, kymco may be challenging ather in the upcoming years.


Competition = Innovation :wink:


I agree that the delay for pre-orders is disappointing, I don’t think there will be 6-12 months delay between pre-orders and delivery. It was delayed in Bangalore Ather had issues with parts suppliers initially for few months. I am also expecting relatively less orders in Chennai and other cities compared to Bangalore.

Having said that, I hope Ather enters multiple cities in parallel and increase the production capacity as well.


Hi Guys,

It’s true that we had earlier communicated that the pre-orders will open in June. However, due to some operational requirements with regard to FAME 2 compliance we are forced to shift it by a week to July 8th.


Ather was not talking this and that.

They just gave the dates based on the data and time frames which they thought its correct. Sometimes it goes wrong due to external dependencies.

Yes, that was the tag line, but good things do not come instantly it takes time.

Nobody is fooling anybody here.

Ather does not think like that it does not have concept of crazy fans for them its only product and customer

Again, I don’t want to reply on the personal comments it does not sound good

I would appreciate if everyone can contribute to the development of the organization instead of posting discouraging comments

Keep the forum healthy and negativity free


I second the above. Let’s do better than seeming like entitled customers and instead contribute constructively and engage positively. I think everyone on this forum has shown a lot of patience waiting for the 450 and yet have been encouraging so far. I can’t think of a better company that deserves our support so I say let’s keep at the enthusiasm guys.