On our way to Chennai

I know I know :see_no_evil: If at all it isn’t closed, I’d like to spend the whole day there. Please let me know.

I was travelling and missed the mail from Ather about the chennai event. By the time I tried to sign up, it was too late. Planning to pre book an Ather 450 in the second batch, but had a doubt regarding the lease plan. Does the lease come bundled with Ather one plan or one of the lesser plans?

The lease comes with the Ather Service plan and not the Ather one plan. If you want to upgrade to the Ather One plan, you need to pay the difference by calling the Ather customer care. It comes to around 2.8 K per year.

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Wait for Chennai users. Right now isn’t it ather one. For the first 2 batches it’s one year free ather One. Is what it says on th website.

@jayadev87 so If you pre order now. I think you’ll be getting the ather One subscription plan. But please do verify.


You are right. I was talking about Bangalore users. My bad :-).

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Ather one for a year seems to be the case with any purchase in Chennai now. The lease page mentions that all maintanence is covered in the lease amount. Hence the confusion.

For those,

  • Who did not go from Bangalore to Chennai launch event.

  • Made mind to watch Chennai launch event in YouTube live stream as like Bangalore event and did not happened streaming.

  • To see how event was different from Bangalore to Chennai launch event.

I have managed to get recorded launch event from internet and uploaded to YouTube.

Link - https://youtu.be/SLlIhcZEgwQ

Ather Energy Chennai Launch Event (Recorded)


This is not the weekend event. The photo of 450 Bangalore owners at 32:33 mins was taken on Sunday morning during our ride from the hotel to IITM Research park.

This video was probably taken during the media briefing that took place a day or 2 after the weekend launch.


Thanks raghav for the information. In spite I have not attended the event. I will change the video description very soon.

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Hey Aravind,

The lease plans will be updated soon. Definitely before the full payment window opens for anyone. You can decide between the options once the payment window opens :slight_smile:


Off topic. In case somebody not buy the flight in batch 1 , will you guys giving those flight to batch2. Due to personal emergency I went home town and unable to attend the event. :frowning::frowning:

When opened batch 2 booking , I immediately booked.

My wife badly need this flight she have to drop and pick up my two sons to/from school . Also pick up and drop my sister in bus stand

Much appreciated if you help me on this

Get a car.
Keep your family safe.
3 people in a bike/scooter is not safe.


Thanks for caring. Forgot to mention.
One son started l.k.g and another one standard I . Separate trip for my son and sister.


I am ready to swap if its acceptable to Ather team.

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If send agreeing for swap from your booking IDs, then Ather may consider to swap.

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It is possible.
Just mail Ather team.
Both the parties should acknowledge via phone/mail.

I got my Nimbus 450 by swapping with @Abhishek


Thank you so much for help and kind. @Ather.Team. can you please help to swap the pre order .

Ather team, chennai tambaram (600059)area is serviceable but the next area perungalathur (600063) is not serviceable. I have done the pre order with my friend address. Can I get the charging unit installed in perungalathur and I am willing to forego other exclusive services

The best way to get a reply is to either send them an email or call their customer care number directly. That is what i did :-).

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