On our way to Chennai

We are going to be in Chennai very soon. This thread is for updates and discussions around Ather coming to Chennai :slight_smile:

Share this link with your friends in Chennai to get them on the pre-order interest list so that they too get exclusive privilege(s) to pre-order the Ather 450!


Is the Chennai Launch also scheduled for June 5th just like Bangalore which also happens to be the World Environment day?

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Yayyy! Finally, the wait will be over. Glad to see this news. Welcome to Madras city, Ather :slight_smile: I can’t wait to see the EC and take the 450 for a test ride on the roads of Nungambakkam.


I really hope it’s in the 2nd week of June! I am travelling in the first week and would not want to miss it!

This happened to me… After waiting for more than 3 years, finally an announcement that makes me happy… :star_struck:
Registered for pre order interest and got an error saying email already registered… :thinking:
Then i remembered that i have already expressed preorder interest years back :crazy_face:


I was overwhelmingly excited to see the subject line “Ather is coming to Chennai. June it is.” A statement I was waiting for more than 2 years. Extremely happy with inexpressible eagerness. I’m hoping to flaunt my White Fury - the most prestigious electronic, eco-friendly equipment that I’ll ever own - to friends and family within the end of this year.


Let’s go to Marina :hugs:


Really excited to get your mail about Chennai launch. There is no second thought on the grand welcome with largest number of bookings Ather is going to get at the alma matter city of its own. While at it, just curious to know the tentative places chosen for Ather Grid and whether we can participate in any manner to help Ather find some? Any test rides and surveys?


If you have recommendations you can always drop them an email.

What we understood in our connects with Ather is that they prefer locations such as malls, coffee shops, cafe’s, restaurants… Establishments where one can park and spend time shopping, eating, meeting while charging your bike.

Such locations enhance the overall experience versus waiting at a crowded noisy roadside location for 40-45mins while the bike charges.


Thanks Raghav. That makes sense. I just wanted to know if there’s any geographical boundaries that they have laid out… As Chennai is a vast area and there are multiple satellite town locations in and around , wanted to understand whether they consider area like Tambaram, Porur, Ambattur etc to place these points or the focus is on the main city limits. Home charging is what we are going to use most often but just wanted to understand the strategy as it’s a vast city and a typical commute for many of my friends for a round trip from home to office and back covers approx 50-55 KM and the traffic makes it a 3 hour ride in total. Of course being a owner of Ather at the equally vast and traffic heavy Bangalore would have thrown some challenges I think?

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They’ve done a pretty decent job in distributing charging points across the city. However there are areas that are not covered because they could not find a reliable establishment or that area is heavily residential which can be a challenge in getting locations.

Traffic is never a challenge for an EV, since battery discharge while idling is next to zero ( AOH and screen are the only battery consumers at idle). My early days were slightly filled with range anxiety, but I look at the Ather Grid map and see 3 fast charging points in my route to work/home. So in the worst case I am extremely low in battery all I had to do was drive I to one of these places and spend 30mins window shopping or grocery shopping while my bike charges up to anywhere from 25-30kms - more than enough for me to get back home.

I am an ex-chennaite myself, born and brought up in the Adyar area. I’ve seen Adyar change from the border of the city into a gateway to the IT Hub. Pretty sure Ather will do it’s due diligence while positioning the grid points - and you can always recommend your friends or family who own businesses and would like to host a point.


It will be awesome if they put a few up in Elliots beach or Thiruvanmiyur beach… Nothing like charging the bike while out for a stroll on the beach or a dip in the sea :desert_island:


Thanks much Raghav for sharing your experience. It really helps because the first and foremost dilemma coming to mind when we think of an EV is what if the battery drains fully en route and we are stranded. Your experience gives that needed confidence. Charging point at the beach is a wonderful idea. I believe and trust Ather to position theur charging points after due diligence. I will have my friends share their suggestions as well…the first question I face when I introduce Ather to anyone is about the charging points and the range. Good day.


Is it possible for me to take delivery of my Ather 450 in Chennai instead of Bangalore since my booked vehicle is due on June 19th in Bangalore? Since I cannot drive it down I’ll have to book by train otherwise…

this is great news. been waiting for you guys to come here.

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It would be great to see ather Fast charging point @ Bessie beach…

@Ather.Team, One suggestion…

I had loved the Ather website for its clean and smooth interface (much like the scooters themselves). But this new “Chennai-Know more” link somehow looks odd and doesn’t suit the overall theme. Added to that, the line diagram looks like the entire thing was done in a hurry by some inexperienced UI designer/newbie.
A cleaner tab/button could’ve been added with the line diagram that appears in the profile page of the app (which is so nice)


Hey Hemanth,

Thanks for pointing it out.
Turns out that is a bug that occurs for users who have website cache stored on their browser.
If you do a cache reload on your browser, it will show the icon properly.

Will check if this can be fixed for users without a cache reload.