Okinawa Cruiser

Okinawa is all set to launch it’s Cruiser scooter with 120 km range top speed 100km/hr and fast charging 2-3 hours. Will be launched at the Auto Expo 2020

Going by whatever Okinawa has claimed and delivered, I would see those numbers as:

  1. 60km range
  2. 60 kmph sustainable top speed
  3. Potential to charge at 2-3 hours but realistically 5-6 hours :slight_smile:

The crooks at Okinawa, even have a address in Japan( but laughable if you see the address). Not sure how they get away with blatant rebadging of chinese scooter and claim its japanese.

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I was thinking the same when I read the article but sure thing is when you don’t have copyright problem you can do what ever you what

Surely for them it is the fast charging since their regular charger work for 8 hours, 3 hour is the fast charging :rofl:

mileage ok
Speed ok
What about pickup …

Because Okinawa failure is

  1. Pickup
  2. Ground level clearance height

Will be launched at the Auto Expo 2020

Okinawa is mostly a chinese copy, so if Luyuan has a maxi scooter, same should be launched by Okinawa I believe.