Odo reading while taking Delivery?

A quick question: What is the normal odo reading one should expect while taking the delivery?

When is your delivery scheduled? You are getting it with the new subsidy right, what’s the final on road price there for the x and + after the new revision in subsidy?

Hi! Mine was 7KM. The team took it for a spin pre delivery or it came from the Warehouse to EC.


For Maharashtra its ₹24500 (including early bird), on road it comes around 1.30 for 450x

Okay Thanks :+1:t2: , mine it’s showing 7.8 which should be ok I guess.

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Mine was 69.50 when i took delivery and i had huge argument for replacing the ather and they didnt. i cant cancel as payment and everything done, still they were not ready to compensate or anything, with heavy heart i had to accept the ather.

The showroom people kept me in dark but for the same and did the process of RTO and invoice and later i got to know when my email got configured at ather server and i got log in access in the app and at that time i got to know the scene.

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Don’t worry In one of their Buggy OTA updates they will reset it to zero and someone on this forum had lost over 1K of ODO :smiley: My scooter had done 6Kms when I took delivery. So I had kept TRIP A to 0 during delivery to check my actual running Kms. But after one of the OTA updates that 6KM difference vanished and both ODO and TRIP A are of same KMs now. :smiley: They also have a way of disabling ODO counter and just because someone’s vehicle shows just 6KMs is not that it has been driven for only 6KMs… this is done in almost all automobiles delears. the executives use one of the wearhouse vehicle for their day to day chores.

Trip A and B reset to 0 every 1000 kms

Well When the difference vanished I hadn’t even crossed 500KM on my ODO :smiley:

That happens only on 450s not on 450X

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