Numerical password to access Incognito

@abhishek.balaji Going Incognito in an Ather is overly simple; it’s as if anyone with the key can access Incognito and prevent us from providing the live location. A numerical password to access the incognito is much safer because no one who has the key can block the location. This will be extremely useful if your vehicle is stolen.


I always wondered what will happen if an Ather gets stolen, how will the charge, can customer care lock the vehicle remotely or would they dismantle and sell parts, but still to whom? Your idea is good to lock the incognito mode but will it help?


Yes, I believe so. I frequently use the live location to check on the status of my scooter, whether it is accurate or not, and it is exciting to see the feature working as smoothly as we can expect. On that basis, I requested that this safety feature be implemented; not only will it be useful, but it will also be distinctive.


Adding an extra layer of security to enable/disable incognito mode from the dashboard would be a good feature to have. This can prevent the vehicle being put into incognito in case of theft, so that we can track the vehicle from the app without waiting for incognito to turn off on its own.


There should be password for incognito mode otherwise it can be misused by someone or theif regarding tracking of vehicle


I have handed over my vehicle to Ather Service centre few days back. I got a call from service centre today and they said they will deliver my vehicle today. Now vehicle is not yet delivered and no one is attending calls and I can see my vehicle is on incognito mode and I even I can see the change in the available range but customer care and roadside assistance is helpless. No once taking complaints and even I do not have option till tomorrow 9 AM till customer care is not on their place.


Hey Saurabh, Hope your vehicle is delivered. Let us know if you need any assistance.

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I had a insurance claim but my scooter was being used using incognito mode and no one from Ather yet responded on the same. Service centre guys as well as Ather officials ignored this topic completely. I was handicapped while seeing the scooter was being used on incognito.


Exactly the Most requested feature , also we can put some numeric password for Sport / warp mode too :thinking:


Imagine if : iPhone had a button where once a thief steals it , without needing the passcode he can press a button that stops all connections, data, wifi, air tag detection, location and what not, making the find my phone app useless. Ridiculous right? That’s the incognito mode right now🫠


100% Agree to this point. lol


That is a privacy problem. If some one turned on Incognito mode it means they do not want to be tracked. Still making them visible on the app defeats the purpose and is a privacy issue.

An option to completely disable the Incognito mode makes sense in a business use case. Additionally, the ability to delete a recent ride (if one forgot to engage incognito mode) would be very helpful too.


I too few same. An extra security to enable incognito mode is very much necessary. Especially when stolen.


This I feel is such an obvious feature. I am not sure why it has still not being implemented.