Numerical password to access Incognito

@abhishek.balaji Going Incognito in an Ather is overly simple; it’s as if anyone with the key can access Incognito and prevent us from providing the live location. A numerical password to access the incognito is much safer because no one who has the key can block the location. This will be extremely useful if your vehicle is stolen.


I always wondered what will happen if an Ather gets stolen, how will the charge, can customer care lock the vehicle remotely or would they dismantle and sell parts, but still to whom? Your idea is good to lock the incognito mode but will it help?


Yes, I believe so. I frequently use the live location to check on the status of my scooter, whether it is accurate or not, and it is exciting to see the feature working as smoothly as we can expect. On that basis, I requested that this safety feature be implemented; not only will it be useful, but it will also be distinctive.


Adding an extra layer of security to enable/disable incognito mode from the dashboard would be a good feature to have. This can prevent the vehicle being put into incognito in case of theft, so that we can track the vehicle from the app without waiting for incognito to turn off on its own.