Nirav's impressions of the 450X

Well, Ather has been a top notch Premium ELECTRIC scooter developer in the Indian industry. Others are just forced to bring a electric scooter just because of Ather to stay in the market. When 450 was introduced it took around 6months to get hands on to the new 450 & to be truthful ATHER being new in the industry, they didn’t let me down. Seeing the stunning design & performance I just ordered the 450X without knowing its specs & upgrades also. Again due to pandemic it was delayed & got delivery after around 9 months & to my surprise 450X proved it’s worth again.

No doubt Ather has proved that standing firmly in such a huge automobile industry means giving the best a customer wants & desires.

I was in top first 15 proud owners of 450X and again with a collectors edition… Delivery procedure was flawless Happily wheeeing my 450 & 450X and enjoying every second saving mother earth through small efforts.

Thnk you @tarun & entire team of ATHER for such smart, outstanding designed, flawless, effortless, fastest available scooter which is MADE IN INDIA & MADE FOR INDIA FOR INDIANS. :sunglasses::heart: