New Mode that limits efficiency wh/hr upto 25wh/hr

Ather should bring a new mode that only offers efficiency upto 25wh/hr. This mode will certainly help riders to achieve range of more than 100kms right. @all @Abhijeet_Khade


A new mode that limits to offering efficiency up to 25wh/km may not be actually needed. This may limit the rideability in real traffic conditions and may be risky at times. I manage to get 98 to 110km per charge in sport mode in my 450 in Bangalore traffic. This figure has been achieved adapting myself to the vehicle and the real world conditions.


Smart eco mode can be used to achieve the promised range, under 30wh/km.

Yeah, What if they add another mode that only let us drive under 25wh/km, ain’t that cool. I really need that feature. @tarun @all Do comment your thoughts on this feature.

Then It will be like riding a e-bicycle since we cannot get proper pickup and speed.

Learn to ride efficiently is a skill that smart eco teaches and same can be used in sports mode to get very good efficiency. Giving a separate mode for under 25Wh/km will make it like a non registered EV. Just use the throttle smooth and this is achievable in higher modes.