New features wishlist

  1. maps : provide some toggle switch to zoom in & out in navigation while driving, as the screen is not touch responsive when driving.

  2. redesign rear view mirror to provide vertically larger rear view along the far right or far left left side of the mirror.

  3. please provide support WA & telegram number, through which channel ather can also broadcast any relevant information to users, such as upcoming updates, or the sw version changelog etc.

  4. provide extension fixture for foot rest, so that lady pillion rider in saree can sit comfortably.

  5. provide option in the app to give feedback like the report an issue option, which is already there.

  6. provide option to add more family member profiles linked to same scooter or one family member profile linked to more than one vehicle. offcourse using the different profile on the vehicle while driving must be optional. you can always run with the default profile.