New Ather Subscription plans - Connect & Service

Hey Girish, go to the website and login into your account-> click on Menu option (three lines on the right corner) → click on my account → “your 450+/x”->“Your subscription”-> Modify pack-> select the required subscription to be purchased.


Hi everyone, Today i am facing some issue with my vehicle front end it feels stiff while turning and throttle feels hard too. While interacting about it woth customer care about it i came to know that when we buy Service lite or pro plans we will get only 2 services in a year and after that we need to pay for the service after that. That means 2400+taxes for only 2 services that sound a bit too much. Whereas if we go for quarterly plans we will get one service with each plan. @abhishek.balaji It would be really helpful if Abhishek can tell something about it in the community so that fellow riders can also know about it. Since it is nowhere mentioned about the 2services only criteria in subscription details. If someone ride 15k km in a year he/she would have to pay for third service too despite buying service plans so if someone know more about it and if i am wrong can correct me.


Hey Neeraj, welcome to the Ather Community. Based on what you said, Service Pro/Lite covers the consumables during the period of coverage. Here’s something from the Ather FAQ

  • What are the consumables that will be covered under Ather Service plans?

Once your vehicle is inspected, here are the consumables that will be replaced, as and when required. - FR & RR wheel bearings - Steering bearings - Front fork seal - Swingarm bushes - Brake pads (two wheels per year) - Primary and secondary belts. Additionally, we will also top-up brake fluid and front fork oil.

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Hi Prathamesh, I think you didn’t get my point the concern is that a person ride 15k KM in a year will need 3service visit. But as per my conversation with Ather team only 2 service visit are included in yearly plan. Consumables are a different thing altogether. Since I have covered 5k KM in 4months I am pretty clear I would cover 15k KM within a year Hope this time I am a little clear.

Waiting for the confirmation response from Ather Team @abhishek.balaji Can you please let the community know about it.


We do have owners in our Mumbai group who have clocked 30k km in a year or so, have claimed all their services in that window. I don’t think its a restriction. @shaikhtausif0707 could share his experience.

Thank you Prathamesh, I will visit for my first periodic service next week. Planning to get annual service subscription lets see


Hi. I am not able to buy the subscriptions from the app i have also tried it from other phones still not able to find where to buy the subscription. Please can anyone help

You need to from the website.

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