New Ather Subscription plans - Connect & Service

What is wrong with the Ather Android @abhishek.balaji. It is now hiding all the info. I can’t see the scooter. I can’t see the battery and location of my scooter. This must be basic on the app.

What’s happening here? I am disappointed since 3 days now. I get the banner, stating Upgrade Your Subscription to Ather Connect Pro.

Are you looking to make some more bucks by hiding everything on the main screen app and forcing us to buy pro?

The lite should at least have basics.

I paid pro when your app was in development stage and you gave us experience of peanuts and now you do this?

You know how many times i wrote to you when apps were crashing or when maps crashed and dashboard restarted.

So now you either want me to upgrade to pro to get basics on smart scooter or come down from my 19th floor just to check the battery status to plan my weekend ride? Nonsense this is when there is a smart scooter.

Also, you don’t want me to know the location of my own smart scooter?

So only you Ather people want my data to do your analytics on my cost? What for? So you publish in public forums to show how much you save on CO2 and grab attention on our cost? Wow.


Please gets the basics back here on the home screen. We paid big price for a smart scooter, n stop looting us with your heavy subscription plans to get basic info.


The first post by Abhishek is pretty clear on what is part of which plan. If you want app connectivity then you will have get the Pro subscription.


You response dosnt help bro. I want few features in lite.

Read what I mentioned again. :grin:, nor can you help me. Only Ather can. They put a lot of ristrictions to make money. The more competitors, the better Ather will get. For 999 Amazon offers so much. Ather wants more money to offer less.


You’re comparing offers from Amazon, the world’s most valuable company with over a trillion dollar market value, to Ather…? Cmon man, even you know that’s an unfair comparison and expectations need to be tempered here.


Agree to point that, subscription plans are not correctly designed. Map is part of basic or lite whereas battery soc in pro plan. This is not inline with my needs. Again, whether cost of subscription plans are really justified for current set of features is another issue. I don’t think those are justified. Moreover, I would like to have maps subscription may be on day basis when going out for rides. I hardly need map while riding in city where I grew up :slightly_smiling_face:


I used to use ather app but after sanctioning plans i lost intrest in opening app to check my ather battery life. So got my life simpler reviewing bugs and what features it will add. Now onwards i will use my ather as a normal bike charge and use, dont bother about the smartness, just enjoy what ever it has. But please for 450x pro users dont use sanctions like only for 1 year you cannot use warp mode and 10km extra range for people who paid extra 20k rupees. I think indian manufactures and startups also thinking same like apple style marketing and strategies…

I think for atleast bluetooth and wifi hotspot we can review battery life like features. Because my bike stays at home incase i need to check battery my phone bluetooth is continuessly on and my bike should connect to router and send details to app. If we lost bike we recharge and find bike. People are paying lot of money. People who pay to find their bike can pay for location services…

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If you think about it, the plans are logical. I’ve tried to explain it in the sketch below

There are 3 entities-the server, the scooter and the app on our device. there can possibly be 3 communication channels - Server to Scooter, Server to Deice and Scooter to Device.

In the first channel, the server communicates with the scooter alone and hence the functions related to this (maps and OTA) are given in the connect lite plan. This channel is priced at ₹400 per quarter.

Now, if the information from the scooter is to be shown on your app (charge status, location tracking) or you’ve to give instructions to your scooter through the app (pushing location), the app and the scooter must communicate with each other. Since the scooter and the app can’t communicate directly, it has to take the server path. This is an additional communication channel for the server. This additional channel is priced at ₹ 300 per quarter more and hence the connect pro plan is priced at ₹700.

Ideally a direct connection option between the scooter and app would’ve opened up many things.

There’s no “one size fits all” solution to this. offering plan tailoring makes it more complicated. With the examples of how even the current simple plans have confusions, delays, I don’t think Ather will be able to handle multiple tailoring options just yet.


@abhishek.balaji ,i use my ather out of city, I didn’t subscribe to service plan but I have subscribed for connect Pro plan. In this case if service is required and subscribe to

Thanks Hemanth. I liked picture of Ather :slight_smile: . I shared my usage pattern. There can be different usage pattern from other users. Ather has lot of data and must be studying usage patterns. Now, coming to connecting cloud, with my limited knowledge, there are two prominent cloud APIs involved here, google map API and AWS. Whether scooter or mobile, API calls will cost irrespective of source. As I understand, google map API call is costly affair compared to AWS. So, price/plan structure can still be aligned.


If we don’t have subscription, that does not mean you need to lock up entire app.

At least show us the places where we can get the charging stations. Add a grid view/ search which should be available for all owners with or without subscriptions.

Looking at the grid points before starting the trip reduces our range anxiety as we are barely getting 65-70 km / charge


You’ve two options:

  1. Use the ‘Athergrid’ app for looking at grid points’ availability. This app doesn’t require any subscription.
  2. If you just have the lite subscription, check the grid points on your scooter dashboard.

Atleast give Ather a chance man. We are saving thousands on petrol anyway. How much it will matter to pay a few hundred each quarter for subscription? Imagine how good it will be to have a good software experience along with a commendable hardware. AND the experience is surely getting better. I am a beta tester and I would suggest sit tight for a few more iterations and you will he pleasantly surprised. I am 10.1.6 and man its been really stable. Hardly any noticeable restarts, no issues with navigations, every thing is working much better. There a few glitches but they have come down so much. I am enjoying the subscription. I hope many others will do as well in a coming few mnths. Hold tight…! :blush::blush:


How can I become a beta tester? Would really love to give feedback and help Ather improve its software!

I bought my Ather 450+ yesterday and subscribed for Connectivity Pro plan. But the App doesn’t reflect the changes even after 24 hours. Can someone pls help me in this regard??

You could try and get it resolved by contacting CS. I too got my scooter(S1) delivered on August 3 and Connect Pro subscription on Sunday, no plan has yet been activated for me. I have wrote mails to them but they only say they’ll get it done via the concerned team and revert back. I have written to them again after that and it’s the same response.

Oh yah… Ather grid - the app which does not have Ather bikes listed :laughing:

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Athergrid app is designed for non-Ather vehicles. Whenever charging at Ather grid becomes chargeable, non-Ather vehicles will scan the QR code use the 15Amp socket in the fastcharger and pay for the usage. Since different vehicles can use the same socket, Ather wants to have this stat of what vehicles are using their grid.

Ather vehicles can directly the Ather plug and since only Ather vehicles use it, Ather need not have the “vehicle type” stat. That being said, Ather will definitely have to list “450” or “450x” sometime in future as they’ve opened up the charging plug patent to everyone, some other vehicle may also use the same plug. But that’s for the future.

You may also argue that some Ather vehicle may use the power socket using a portable charger instead of the plug. While that’s true, its a very rare scenario that an Ather owner would want to use a socket with a portable charger while a plug is simpler (more so when both the plug and the socket can’t be used simultaneously to charge 2 vehicles simultaneously).

I this case, I suggested you to use Athergrid app only to find the grid availability status as that doesn’t need any subscription (at least till Ather decides to give this functionality in the Ather App itself -which they should IMO).


Worst Ather connectivity plans - at least charging status should kept free. or create a separate plan if you’re concerned about mobile data (e-sim). Make Wifi available in scooter so that we will use our mobile hotspot for sync. We already paid a huge amount for scooter w.r.t market price still you are looting. If this is the case your shutter will close soon, OLA will kick you out.

Still scooter accessories are not available. At least foot rest should be there so that ladies on sarees will make there ride easier. You stopped your R&D this leads to your end.


Try restarting your vehicle. Press hold both the brakes and the motor on button until your vehicle screen goes blank and wait for a few seconds and try connecting again . I’m sure it will help

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