Navigation and Push To Location Not Working Again for Gen 1

Since few days, only Push Location and Navigation alone not working. This is the same problem which was there few months back affecting Gen 1 and Gen 1.5. That time Ather told they had backend issue and it took 3 months to solve. Looks it is back again with same problem.

4G Signal full. App shows Charging Status and Charging Notifications fine. So, no problem with network.

Anyone else from Gen 1 and Gen 1.5 facing the issue?


Once you push location from app, it never reaches and it starts a new problem forever.

You cannot click the hamburger menu to go to Options. It will always show “Please accept or reject location”. So, you can’t shutdown or do any options in settings.


Hey Vishnu!

We’re aware of this issue. Please give us some time, we’re already working on a fix.


Thanks @smridhi.kalati. That was encouraging :slight_smile:


You are getting 100% charged notification? I used to get it few years ago. When I have contacted support at that time they said charging notification for gen 1/1.5 is disabled.

I am still on VI sim card so it’s 3G in available circles and 2G in metro cities. Having sync issues and late sync sometimes


In the past, I usually disabled app notifications from Ather app. Recently when I reinstalled app, I didn’t disable the notifications. So I saw 100% charge notification couple of times this week


Hi @smridhi.kalati - Any update and ETA on when this will be fixed?


Signal is completely gone last sync 12 days ago. Can’t even ask i guess as they are not charging for connect plan. But I want to have reliable connection and ready to pay for that even though no further OTA for gen 1/1.5


For me signal is not a problem though. Able to see charging status, able to track scooter parked area. Only Push Location and Navigation is down. Because of the bug, Options menu is inaccessible. Not able to shut-down leading to waste of charge.

This is nothing to do with free or not. Ather has given this for free as a goodwill gesture to Gen 1/1.5. Even before it was made free, many were availing it by paying anyway, which was quite reasonable price.

Fixing this and then ensuring this not happening again will help. Gen 1s / 1.5s are not like just 100 scooters. There are 1000s of them and they deserve reliable connection too.