Name for upcoming future Ather!

Ah is flawed unit, do not name the upcoming Ather models based on Ah.

Ah is a flawed unit, which doesn’t take voltage into account.
So Ah might be same for different battery chemistry like Li-Ion, Lead Acid etc, but the Wh would be different.
Ex: 10 Ah Li-ion = 3.6 V x 10 A x time = 36 Wh
10 Ah Lead Acid = 2 V x 10 A x time = 20 Wh

Rather it should be based on kW-kWh (Power - Battery Energy)
Eg. 5 kW - 2.4 kWh as 524 or
7 kW - 5 kWh as 75 :slight_smile:

If it’s too messy, just name it with a different unique name without power or energy.

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