MYTH: Electric vehicles are only for city use!


charged at Palamaner

thank you so much @santsplen

sorry to trouble you in the morning

at chittoor now

@HarshaVardhan offered help and his brother is giving company to me as Harsha is in Chennai waiting for launch


Happy to see Ather at my home :smiley:


Great Dada… :clap: :clap: :clap:

What time you are reaching Chennai ?


He said by 9pm when I spoke to him, by the way all the Ather owners reached Chennai with your bikes?



Thanks for reply… :smiley:


at Arakonam

next chennai

had power cut in between

arrival of flight 6947 to chennai might be delayed by 1hr


your dad is more exited than you

after a short test ride


he meant exited… :rofl:


Autocorrect is to be blamed, exited=excited


btw time isn’t true

as i stopped multiple times to adjust cam and phone angles to capture some videos

but range…

may be i have used that unavailable battery power as well!


ha ha ha… :joy: my bad sorry


flights getting ready to rock


I see my flight too in front of yours


Hi @bcdevineni, I was curious reading this post… I also have a Tesla Model 3 (I live in Michigan), and would like to know how your friend from Louisiana is able to use the generator… does he carry it within the car? And make a longer stop to charge from the generator?

Also, interesting to know that Louisiana doesn’t have good charging infrastructure yet - I recently did a Detroit-Niagara(through Canada)-Buffalo-NewYork-WashingtonDC-Pittsburgh-Detroit round trip and never had to worry about charging, it was just Superchargers all along the way (in fact I was traveling with family so our eating/restroom breaks were always longer than the time it took for the car to finish supercharging). And at home I just have an extension cord through my apartment washing machine socket (30 Amps, 220 V), so I never have to worry about charging in daily usage.


@Abhishek Man you are truly an EV pioneer in India! Let’s hope the many number of businesses you’ve touched will get an idea to start providing charging services on their own (perhaps someone could start this as a business idea - integration of such small businesses with charging capability, and display them on a mobile app or partner with existing mobile apps for charging locations). This would be like the STD/ISD/PCO’s of old times - small side business with predictable revenues for the shop keepers! Those interested in earning more revenues could just install higher amperage sockets and advertise it as such.


He’s from Baton Rouge and goes to some rural part of the state, where only one hotel/motel parking has one outlet that too basically meant for an RV.

The place he lives has Superchargers and if fully charged, it’s just enough for his round trip (105+105 miles). So he told me he carries the generator with the car, just in case he runs out of juice. Maybe it will happen only if he runs more miles in addition to the round trip. He travels long-distance once in a while. For his daily use Baton Rouge has decent availability.

Yeah. Having a Level-2, 30A socket at home is great!


Hey everyone! If you or someone you know is interested in setting-up a an EV Charging Point at Home or Hotel/Restaurant or Shops, you can find Do-It-Yourself resources like Printable SignBoards in the ‘About’ section of this website:

Print, Laminate & Display them yourself and also share them with someone you know who’s interested.

This has already been posted in a different thread, but I’m repeating for a better reach.


am trying my best to make them understand that this is very easy to setup and no big investment required

only hurdle is numbers,

most of them might have never seen a EV

some in rural area have seen some examples which will take more than 8hrs to charge which doesnt make any sense to them

the start was not good

my Flight set an expectation in their minds and am sure when they start seeing numbers i dont have to request them to put up some points

even am thinking to design something like coin box

as i didn’t want cloud connected device for authentication

also i found these guys based in chennai

havent got time to meet them when i was in chennai but this looks simple except for app based connected device!

now with government being serious with their action’s am more optimistic about it


finally got my work laptop to home to cover my exp to chennai on forum

this time it was very easy - reason this fantastic Ather community was active like never before

there were days when i use to look at blank pages on forum hoping someone will post their view’s
but now there are different dimensions of knowledge coming through

hope this continues and this data will help upcoming owners of EV in general not just Ather

into the story now
got help at all points in 2 days

so started at 1am (ideal plan is 12 am )

headed to Kolar

reached by 2.30 started charging (there are plenty of dogs which welcomed me)

stayed there till 5 and headed to palamner

when i reached palamner at around 6.45 have got only 2% left

started charging @santsplen place

only charged for an hour here as chittoor is close by (around 40km)

took little longer time here as i was taking some footage on go pro, adjusting differnt angles and stopping to check footage

finally at 10.40 i reached chittor and started charging @HarshaVardhan place

his family is cool…

they love concept of EV’s, his father is supportive but only thing bothering was price…but when i have given test ride, He started saying, ’ once we get this bike, i will start marketing for Ather in chittoor’

here we had powercut couple of times and i notices something weird, every time my battery goes to zero, system, display and all other functions remain active - except motor, but this time even after having 1km left and i took the picture - before i plugged in for a split second entire thing shutdown and cameback after couple of minutes,

also noticed some fan error, but was fixed by itself (first time i saw fan error)

now at around 3 started to arakonam

reached there by 5 . started charging at @rjaswant 's ammamma place…

they knew telugu and are little surprised that am taking flight to chennai.

even here there was power cut for some time,

not sure of the time but have started at 85% charge

finally reached chennai at 11pm

this stretch from arakonam to chennai was little difficult as there are speed breakers every 1km and we cannot predict driving style for even heavy vehicles which made me think before overtaking any vehicles, once i enter chennai eveyone is drag racing with me at every redlight!!!

there are many queries before i reached IBIS, i couldn’t understand a word, so i kept on saying Ather 75km most of the time, one guy asked me ‘cost’ i said 1.4lac then he removed his helmet and started staring at me instead of bike!!

overall it was quick ride as i dont have to search for points this time!!!


I am sure you will take 450 to moon one day with necessary charging arrangements :wink: :smile: