MYTH: Electric vehicles are only for city use!

Time to change my phone language to Kannada then. I’d like to see all the places in Kannada :heart_eyes:


Chamundi Hills??

start at bangalore (after reaching Royal Airavath fast charger)

end at mysore

start at mysore

end at bangalore


Have you not received the latest firmware update? I don’t see the trio Meter or battery percentage icons

not yet


checked with Ather…

informed it was deployed from their end

appears my flight is not able to download

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got an idea

current coin box

5rs coin for 30 min


Or, ₹5 per kW

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got a better name

EV box

Electricity Vending box

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Started at 5am sharp in the morning (plan was to start at 3am but @saadmanna and @karthikr1995 advised that it might be difficult to find charging at channapatna or Mandya if it is too early - @karthikr1995 gave so many tips, shared his exp as he traveled to and fro in that route multiple times till channapatna)

Headed to Royal Iravath fast charger – charged there around 80% and started to channapatna (original plan was to reach mandya – but because many are interested to go to mysore – it is ideal for everyone to Channapatna rather than Mandya, wanted to find charging for all at chennapatna)

When reached Royal iravath


At Channapatna


When I searched maps before I started – I found reliance petrol pump and decided to ask help there – as from my past experience these are maintained well and most of the time earthing is not an issue…
But the road over there is under construction and so they have closed the petrol pump, so headed further for help, tried 3 other petrol pumps but not lucky, when I reached this BP petrol pump (owned by BP itself and not a dealership) have asked supervisor help and he immediately agreed and asked me to charge from port outside – but that doesn’t have earthing wire, when asked if there are any other ports he took the charger and checked inside and there it was working, so took out my extension cable and started charging! – I told him I shall pay he said – not required – as this is born by company and not an individual owner – even I didn’t bother.




So I asked if they would allow every other EV owner to charge for some time may be 2hrs, by charging some money he said - no problem-
Had food and after 2hrs when I was about to leave asked him till what time this will be open and if this is 24hr pump – he queried why so I replied I shall come in the evening, he asked me time and I advised 8pm, he said 8pm is fine. So, was just curious and asked him why he is worried about the time, he started explaining that by 11am Madam would come and she leave by 6pm to Bangalore so he is not sure how happy she will be even if I pay for the charging.

Headed to Mysore now, @saad shared his location and reached the same exactly by 12pm (surprised to see lots of traffic in Channapatna, Mandya and Mysore – almost similar to bangalore)
There are so many superbikes along the way and there are many bikers in groups going to mysore – only then I realised this is popular route to bikers!


Now I ringed Saad to inform I am here
Now the Saad treatment starts!!!

Immediately within no time his sister came out of home and opened the gate calling my name, I was so surprised that within no time immediately after I closed the call may be in 30sec she was welcoming me, there was a plug outside which didn’t help as there is no power to the plug (this is new house)
So she immediately got an extension from the hall and asked me to check if that will work, and it does, now Saad father welcomes me into home and had a chat for sometime about the bike, what I do etc,
Now I get a call from Saad checking if am ok and advising on nearby places just in case am bored, I just replied even sitting outside I won’t be bored, am very comfortable (my apology to saad who felt bad to an extent as I used connotation which doesn’t suit the situation, all I meant was I am more than comfortable). Now he started asking me to take some rest in his bed room which I didn’t want to and simultaneously he asked his uncle who lives nearby to see me and talk to me so that I am occupied without feeling bored, now saad rings me gain and advises that his uncle is coming, where he is already there and he introduced himself and we started talking about the bike and shared some stats and pics from Ather Space – he is impressed with the build quality and his son walks in and I can see the smile already on his face after looking at Flight, so he started asking me about the specs and they both stared discussing about the bike, now a little while after they both get calls (business) continuously, and his uncle in particular is very busy, but still they make sure I am engaged by having big smile when I look at them and every time they get out of the door his uncle would say I will be back in minute – sorry!!, mean time Saad sister gave me some fruits and sweets to have and his dad make sure I have everything, and keep insisting me to eat more (generally I don’t drink any juice – any liquid for that matter except water, because I didn’t want them to feel bad I had artificial juice and cake again I don’t eat cake – I couldn’t say no as there is so much of affection) now again call from saad checking if am ok, also unwanted apology from him as there is no cable conection in the home as it is new and they just moved there couple of weeks back, and also he quoted multiple times that he is feeling bad that he is not around when am in mysore which is again unnecessary he queried if am Vegiee which am, after 15min I get a call from saad advising his brother will be home in 15min and he will be good company for me, and his brother is in after some time along with his mother, now we had a chat for about 30 min and again I get a call from saad checking if everything is ok!
When the charging is about 60% I thought ill start to temple, so I advised his brother I shall start and return in may be hr or so, his father immediately asked me to stay for some more time to have lunch, couldn’t say no though I wanted to as it is getting late. Had lunch along with them where they made sure I have more than enough (may be I had more and his brother keep on asking me to have more, may be they are deceptive by my looks but I eat less).
Started to Chamundeshwari temple which was about 15km from that Saad’s home. as it appeared Mysore is relatively less denser in population roads and footpaths appears spacious and clean
started hill climb and enjoyed the ghat road

Reached on top of the hill and joined the ‘Q’ but immediately realised that will take at least 3hrs to get into temple as crowd is more, so after 15min came back and have taken ticket to bypass the line directly to gopuram…

Which was quick and returned back and took one pick with flight and gopuram (I liked the gopuram a lot)

Returned to Saad home quickly and charged the vehicle till 92% when electricity is gone, so, started quickly without wasting time – thanked his sister for the Food and his brother waited until I prepared the bike and myself for take-off before he went in.


Started there at 7Pm and now traffic throughout the highway is high, little surprised though, enjoyed the ride at high speeds (around 50-60kmph) manoeuvring between the vehicle most of the time and finally reached channaptna McDonald BP petrol pump at 9pm.


Now new set of people are logging in preparing for night shift and there are no other people who saw me in the morning except one, appears he is the in charge now and when someone told there is someone asking for charging vehicle – he asked him where is he and when he saw me he kept on saying something in kannda, when I asked him if he understand eng or hindi or telugu he started saying ‘morning charged for 2hrs for free – it is enough’ – I told him I offered money in the morning also advised him I can pay money even now if he can quote some reasonable price, after 5min with upset face he said something in Kannada again (appeared fellow workers are asking him to allow me to charge) which I couldn’t get and so asked him ‘yes’ or ‘no’ then a another guy translated for me saying YES – this I wanted to make sure I pay money before I charge – so I asked this guy to check on cost, he said ‘first u start charging’
So I started charging and now again I get a call from Saad checking if am good and getting help without trouble, and also gave some headup regarding rash truck drivers on the road (he travels back and forth every weekend) also gave tip that elevation is high and so I should charge more before I start! This is at 10pm in the night.
Waited till dashboard showed up 50KM and started at 11pm – paid 70rs on paytm and also advised the person though he didn’t insist to pay (it appeared he is not expecting money – and I observed he has passion for singing I think, he started singing kannada songs in a mic looking at lyrics from mobile!)
Now quickly reached Royal Iravath again with decent speeds, and charged there until I got 30km and headed home.



After I reached home, when I was having dinner I was talking to my mom about Saad and she is in a way surprised and now she wanted to meet Saad,
So Saad u have to make some time ASAP and come to my home for lunch/dinner (this invite is for every fellow Ather owner, team and enthusiasts) and your family some time when u have time to take them to Bangalore.

Saad thanks for your hospitality – in every trip I most of the time remember the performance of the bike, elevations, curves, sculptures in the temple, specialty of a village, test rides, people opinions and weird characters and behaviors, along with culture I encounter and most importantly charging points – the persons who allowed me to charge

But this time it is only @saadmanna and family!!


Firstly, I wanted to be first person to get Ather to Mysore, I had to postpone due to Ramadan.
But I am happy and excited that you came to Mysore.

I have been telling Ather team to consider Mysore for next expansion plan.

I am exploring few ideas with my friends to put up charging point in Mysore and Mysore-Bangalore highway.



will plan a trip together again

and yeah i believe it is very easy for Ather team to open orders for mysore

channapatna should be a good option… for setting up charging point for mysore commute

next time we go speak to those bp or McDonald guys and make some arrangement for 5a charging

also we will take help of @karthikr1995

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oh forgot

creativity at Saad home


its work in progress.

Who killed the electric car, it’s so good to see someone else has seen it too.


I have seen it long time back, if possible watch collapse.


But I the spirit of taking this EV to such places rules above all.
This is the true startup spirit, obstacles come and go but work gets done.

All other comfort arrangements are like big companies, no work only meetings and emails. :grinning:


Just got an update from my friend who has a Tesla Model 3 in rural part of Louisiana. He said he sometimes has to drive to a location which barely has community charging points / stations, so he bought a Honda EU3000iS generator as an emergency backup for his Tesla.

The first time he fired-up the generator, his Tesla charging port would turn RED and the instrument display would show grounding error. So he just shorted the ‘Ground terminal’ and the ‘Neutral terminal’ with a small wire and that would trick Tesla home charging adapter that it’s being grounded. He’s now able to charge the vehicle virtually without grounding.

Though this should not be a regular thing to do, but it could save you when you badly need grounding in special circumstances. It’s better to make a custom short extension box with 5A three-pin socket, where a two core (1.5 Sqmm - Minimum) wire goes into the extension box. The RED wire is connected to the PHASE (L) terminal of the socket and the BLACK wire is connected to both NEUTRAL (N) and GROUND (⏚) terminals. You can use this custom made extension box under special circumstances where you’re in the middle of nowhere and desperately need Grounding.


I would like to add a point that it’s better to carry a line Tester in your pocket when you are connecting the above mentioned custom extension box to a very old / old house sockets. As there is no need for an electrician in India to be educated and certified, unlike in the U.S. where all electricians must be certified. So there are chances where the old buildings in India might have NEUTRAL and PHASE reversely connected - that would mean PHASE supply will inadvertently go to NEUTRAL and GROUND terminals in the above mentioned custom extension box - which is NOT GOOD.

A line tester would also be useful as a screwdriver and also as a tool to poke the insect cocoon blocked old, rarely used sockets.

When you are facing a three-pin SOCKET in India, the RIGHT SIDE side terminal hole is PHASE and the LEFT side terminal hole is NEUTRAL. Unlike sockets, all three-pin Plugs have markings (L, N, ⏚), so it’s good.

This would also be useful when you encounter a two-pin socket, where we have to be extremely careful to AVOID PHASE REVERSAL.


started to chennai

charging at first hop Kolar