MYTH: Electric vehicles are only for city use!


here are some ride data which i retained after have reached bangalore finishing long trip


You should share the best practices to increase range of Ather, your efficiency is really good, 23 wh/km. My Ather I have never got anything below 36 wh/km , one reason is, out of my total daily commute of 48 km , 24 km is with pillion and battery consumption is really high with pillion.


this weekend

to Mysore


y worried about range

enjoy the ride specially when u just need 50km a day


Weekend and mysore doesn’t go along very well :joy:


let me know if someone need test ride

along the way to mysore or in mysore


Abhishek, on the way to Mysuru (Mysore) will it be possible for you to share the locations of people who are willing to let your vehicle charge? Are they willing to let others charge if they hop by? This info will be useful to people who wants to travel there.

Info like name, contact number and map locations will be useful.

Enjoy your ride… Hope you will go up to Chamundi Hills. Be safe.



have been doing this all time

except for that long trip to my home town… as i know no one will be interested

I’ll put up their contact number only with their consent…

but map coordinates as always ill update

yes I’ll go there also to the temple first


@saadmanna ringed me to offer help at Mysore

thanks a lot buddy!!!

we have ather owner itself in Mysore making things easier…


Indeed, but then you may need a pit stop in between as the distance is nearly 100+


not a difficult task

ill find one - it is just that time taken will be interesting to see


If u are able to come out of Royal Andaaz Ather Grid with 100% Charge, then I guess u can easily reach Mandya( 80km). I have several time traveled to Channapatna and back to Royal Andaaz on a single charge which is 42km one way. While going towards Mysore your efficiency will be 27~28wh/km as the roads are sloped down. It’s while coming back when your efficiency will drop to 34~36 wh/km as the road become very steep.

In the two months I owned my Ather I’ve done this trip 4 times. Ideally when I reach Channapathna, I will have 65% charge. And when I reach Royal Andaaz Ather Grid I would have 2~3%.

I believe if you charge up in Mandya you can easily reach Mysore and back to Mandya.

Another Tip, after you cross CCD in Bidadi immediately to your left you will find a hotel called “Shree Annapurneshwari” make a stop there. They serve the best Tatta Idlys.

I’ll be at work in Bidadi, contact me if you need any help.


@Abhishek waiting while charging in the middle of nowhere.


The Martian=Matt Damon(Jason Bourne series)
The Atherian=Mr.Abhishek(Long Road trips on Ather, Brand Ambassador)


charging at bp petrol pump after chennapatna

been more than hour here

will start at 10 to mysore

checked with supervisor if they are ok to allow people to charge who wants to go to mysore on ev,
he said no problem

భారత్ పెట్రోలియం పెట్రోల్ బంక్
SH17, Bengaluru, Karnataka 562160
097401 19397

before i left after charge i asked him if it is 24hr just in case if am late in the evening

he asked me why

i said i want to charge on my return as well

he advised after 6pm it is fine

was curious so asked him why not before

he said Madam will come and not sure if she is ok

so enquired more

he said that madam comes from bangalore by 11am and leave by 6pm so…

just in case if we are reaching there in that window we may have to seek extra permission else should trouble McDonald guy…


I always wanted to ask one question to you. How did you manage to change all the Kannada names on Google maps to Telugu? Can I do the same if I wanted to when I visit other states?


in mysore

at @saadmanna place

time to juice up


i set my language on phone to telugu

google is already intelligent enough to make this changes on its products by default!!!



Bro this shows how much you love your mother and mother tongue :heart_eyes: