MYTH: Electric vehicles are only for city use!


I think only @Ather insiders can explain price increase if battery is bumped to 5KW or 10KW while removing all the ‘smart’ features, subscriptions, etc. I feel to be a important player, they have to increase to minimum of 8KW , else remain as a niche player.


yes only if you choose high-quality option

but somehow i left that at option top backup Original

so it was limited

next time I’ll take care


i just found out setting was something else



Hi Ather gang

Wanted to cover my long trip so far on my flight

Couldn’t get time from past 2 weeks as am desperate to find a new job (not lucky yet)

This trip to my dad’s home town was planned quite some time ago but on train and vote, as my parents were already reached there quite a while ago to take care of my grandparents for a period of 2 months (all above trips are done when mom is away – eventually she got to know anyways) – have asked them to stay back as voting date is nearby….

When the date was nearing my brother informed me that he won’t be able to come with me as I scheduled the journey a 2 days earlier to voting date so that we can spend some time in village.

Now that am only one who is supposed to travel – got this idea to take my flight

Immediately cancelled the train ticket and started to check the route and decided to stick to the coast line all the way to destiny.

So, in the past have been to tirupati and there is no change in plan till there

This time had a tough time in tirupati as I have reached there around 10.30 – couldn’t find help for long time (few offered help but same story with earthing)

Finally a guy in closed petrol pump at 2 am agreed to offer charge for 1hr – charged there and headed to srikalahasti.

Reached srikalahasti and fortunate to find a reliance petrol pump where we have facilities to take shower (as I was searching for charge all night – want to take shower badly)

Refreshed myself there and charged vehicle – also took some rest for about 45min and started heading towards Nellore.

Nellore town had only 1 road along the highway where all amenities are on both sides of the road – so it was easy to find petrol pumps and business – though staff in petrol pump want to help they end-up being help less because either the owner or the manager wouldn’t agree when they or me call them – as they couldn’t wrap their head around the fact that my flight need only 2 units – they are worried about the time taken and are in disbelief .

Finally a petrol pump manger agreed to offer help – when tried all the plugs none have earthing – but when decided to move – saw the plug near the air pump had 3 wires attached – so tried and hurray it worked.

Stayed there for 2.5 hrs as manager was cool and asked about the bike and interestingly every one who came to fill petrol and air started inquiring about the bike and I see they take out their phone to take pics and also few started calculating the savings they will make if they opt for it and started expressing their opinion that price should be around 90k and they wouldn’t mind of there is no such fancy display… overall rural areas will adapt these vehicles very soon – just need to bring the price down a bit and have to explain things in a sense of saving money – yearly.

Now headed to Kavali - many didn’t offer help but finally in a HP petrol pump – this is last petrol pump along the way in kavali – offered help where have charged for some time and started heading towards Ongole.

Finding help here is comparatively easy as only few refused help but many offered – but same story with earthing.

But in a indian oil petrol pump I was lucky there is earthing – but the plug which was there in generator room was never used and there was lots of oil residue as it is in generator room – had to stand there for some time holding the plug to have continues charge – later have taped it to stay in place – but had to keep an eye on charger to make sure it is charging – and when ever it stops charging had to adjust the plug (no network here * unable to see info on mobile) – again lot of interest here as well.

Now headed to Bapatla – where I couldn’t find help for very long time – there is only 1km charge left which I managed to travel at least 2.5km and the I found a reliance petrol pump which may be the last point after baptla and there are no building or any kind of habitation on map – so was desperate to find charge now.

There are 2 guys in petrol pump when I asked for help first one straight away rejected and second one was curious how me and my bike look and he started inquiring and started to argue with the other guy and asked to ring owner – so have asked owner (Ramesh Gupta) number and spoke to him – for some reason he couldn’t believe that bike get enough charge in 2.5hrs… - but allowed me to charge

He later came to the petrol pump to check out our flight and he advised that even his relative have some EV which takes 8hrs to charge and charger will take entire boot space

We discussed about different aspect about the bike for an hour – he was impressed when I said I have taken it to hills aswell (he is comparing things with his previous exp with EV’s or what he heard of – and flight proved it is better/best in every aspect)

Took pictures – vice-versa (unfortunate, couldn’t post – I lost mobile before I back-up the data)

Hurrraaayy next stop dads home town

Am just waiting to see my mom’s reaction.

I know this was long – wanted to finish as soon as possible – ill finish in next 2 posts


Abhishek, thanks for sharing. Hope you will get your dream job soon. all the best.

This is the common feedback I hear too. If Ather can come with simpler version of 450, I am sure it can reach common people.


Though I know my mom will be surprised to see me – I was too excited to see her reaction when I reach home.

Started from Bapatla and headed to home town (Mangalapuram) this was around 80km far…

There are many villages along the route – when I almost reached Repalle – not sure of the place – a guy on Bajaj Eliminator 220 followed me and requested me to stop to have a chat

Had chat for some time and he asked howz the torque – advised that we can feel the torque at least equal to 150cc equivalent and for a certain period @180cc

Later after few minutes chat (off course he is surprised that have driven it so looong) – as this was election time there are huge rallies of different parties and campaigns along the road – most of the time blocking the road – which took long time to clear and for me to pass…

When I reached home and knocked the door – dad opened the door mom is sleeping –

Dad didn’t question anything as he is of opinion that I must have got the vehicle on train somehow

Later when I walked to my mom’s bed she asked me ‘how come u r here’ as there is no train at that time…

When she saw my dad getting that entire luggage (sleeping bag, tent etc) she was doubtful and rushed outside to see if her doubt is true – she asked my dad to check if it is our vehicle (check number plate)

When she got enough confirmation (also looking at my tired face) I can see the shock and she started to worry if am ok and all that evening she started asking questions why, how, when etc

Also kept on saying this is absolute madness

From next day have taken her to all the temples around my place also a beach and to few villages where we have boats which carry vehicles along with passengers – enjoyed a lot with Flight in rural area and off road conditions

Also went to farm lands as it is dry I was able to take my flight along farm lands throught out which but with less speeds

My mom got more confident with the scotter now and she started asking me go to nearby villages to meet relatives and also visit temples and historic places

But to achieve above we need charge which I though is a great trouble as we cannot expect earthing in villages

So have installed 5A socket with earthing myself with help of some local electrician.

Later have update the same on google maps – as it is accessible – just in case if someone is desperate

Later have conducted lot of experiments to achieve earthing condition portable without much equipment being carried – after 2 days have mastered earthing solution and was almost successful in trails and eventually proved successful and working for rest of my rides. May be Ather can come-up with this solution (little improvisation required) and can also patent this *only required until standardization is achieved in terms of electricity (the way it is installed and consumed)


Love to read… I can imagine your conversation with amma. I can smell the love you have on her.

And what to say , she is absolutely right on below remark :slight_smile:


There are Ather owners and then there is you! :pray:

Please put the photos also along with the text. I know you’ve lost your phone, but you’ve already put the photos related to the last two posts elsewhere on the forum. copy from there and put it here. It’ll be better for people who haven’t seen those pics already instead of reading just text.


How did you manage the earthing? Can you post photos or a guide? There’s a certain dog park I want to go to which is about 45km away. Need to charge there but grounding isn’t there.


well i had this understanding of grounding

it is mainly used for safety - where in case of phase wire ever get in contact with outer metal body of the household appliances, which is not safe for a human who is touching it so, the grounding wire which basically connected to outer shell of household appliances so that the high conductivity of the power will trip the MCB as there is very little resistance in the ground wire. (also it is useful in cases where there is uneven flow of current from phase this will allow to exchange enough current from ground thus saving the appliance itself)

and the ground/earth has lots to exchange electric charge both +ve and -ve this will balance the circuit just in case…

ok enough of theory - now how to achieve it

in order to achieve it earth need to conduct electricity very easily

in other words there should be enough moisture in the soil to get the charge flowing…

so what have i done

have tried to achieve above with a metal rod pounded into the earth and wrap a copper wire around it

also this can be achieved by connecting the ground terminal to any existing metal which is already at least 5 feet inside the ground (example - sign board on the street, metal poles, metal pillar for sheds etc) which can be found easily
else we can carry a small rod - but require little effort to put that into ground (deep enough so that it start conducting)


Got a call from Ather the day after voting and queried if I can make it to the owners day meet – advised that am in Vijayawada and so not sure

But they planted this idea – why not come for a day to Bengaluru and go back to continue the trip- at this point I felt really stupid (this was simple solution), as all these days I was just thinking – though am happy about the long trip and experiences am having with flight – am just upset that am not able to make it to event as this was planned after I planned the trip…. Honestly I never got this thought that I can still attend without my flight (as I wanted to get my flight to the meet)…

So, immediately booked the bus ticket and planned the travel for a day to meet all those wonderful people,

Took my flight to my cousins place in Guntur city and started to Bengaluru (have asked my cousin to use the bike and let me know how she like it)

I was late to the meet and also I troubled some with some unnecessary talk as I was too excited to see so many owners at once. Had some chat with few owners and the Ather team – held Shreyas for long time, but he is very patient (sorry buddy).

Also met
@rajeshkav @hemanth.anand @Abishek @pkg7723 @saadmanna, @arun.ramu88 and many others - i dont remember the name (sorry for who I missed)

Have gone back and reached Guntur next day – I realised the entire lane where my cousin resides are excited about the bike – specially kids in the lane assemble near the home in the evening before they go to play and started making assumptions and discuss about the look and feature of the bike.

And whenever I pass by when they are playing they look at me though I don’t have the bike (as they some how figured that flight belongs to me as am only person new there) – so have decided to give a demo to the kids – which I did and the excitement in them grown higher – I stayed there for 3 days and every day group of kids come to see the bike and kid who got demo will give demo to kid who is new/who is seeing the bike for the first time – and best part is they wouldn’t hesitate to call me and ask me to switch it on to have a look at the dashboard and play with the touch screen and map specially…

Got lots of enquiries and suggestion from neighbourhood there which am happy to answer as this is helping to create awareness about EV in general (not just Ather)

I want Ather to launch in Vijayawada/Guntur same time when they launch in Hyderabad – as it should be easy for them and new state with old name Andhra Pradesh is promoting EV’s.

Have been to my Moms place around 50km from Guntur city

Showed the flight to my Grandmaa

She said ‘though it is good looking – why did you purchase a girls scooty? – you must have purchased a proper bike’

On the way back to Guntur have been to some places like Amaravathi gudi – village (this place is referred as dhanya katakam ) have lot of importance in our history as it remained capital for Satavahanas, pallavas, chalukyas and cholas who’s empire extended till current Maharstra and some parts of MP – it has so much of importance but often ignored, also recent history of vijayanagar empire has Amaravathi as part of their regime. And now the name is carried over to entire new capital of Andhra Pradesh.

Back to flight – have taken it to all these places which are around – also to ananthavaram which has special importance for my mom’s ancestors, and headed to new capital itself

I must say I was blown away looking at the plan of new city

Only straight roads – not even a curve – cross roads divided with blocks – cant believe it is a government project – I don’t have to stop anywhere on the road as it is new and clean was enjoying the ride with full throttle for a long time.

Have been to High Court, temporary secretariat, Assembly

Here are few pics and videos which I was able to retrieve (included few for yesterday post)

me and my mom at beach nearby to village

telugu thalli statue near a bridge on krishna river

high court

bhuddha stupa in ghantasala village along with museum

peddakallepalli gudi and ride with my mom to home in village from temple

temporary Secretariat

Ananthavaram gudi

Also went to Vijayawada - kanaka durga Gudi

Now back to my cousin place in Guntur as I left all the luggage there

Next day headed to Hyderabad (though was not in plan – as it is near comparatively – 320km- decided to go visit few friends and cousins to show off flight)

First hop was Dachepally

This was weird experience – I reached this place at 10.30 am

None of the petrol pump guys agreed to offer charge – so, next option businesses I the area – have asked almost all the business on the left side of the road – no one offered – also reached out the bike showrooms – there are 4 in this area but no luck – one of the show room manager asked me Rs. 500/- - explained him again in regards to consumption and cost associated

But he said pay 200/- for every hr!!!

Though am desperate – decided not to pay

Weird experience here with people is they don’t say ‘NO’ directly when someone asks for help, instead they will ask you / guide you to next shop / business on the road which they think they will allow me to charge and few even show the landmark and give you a route to a particular place, took some time to understand this and later started ignoring such suggestions.

Now the time is 1.30pm – and it is dam hot so, decided to take some rest and food first – had fruits and took some rest for some time and started again at 2pm to find charge – went to the other side of the charge and found Lead acid battery shop – was little excited as this guys will understand how charging works – but no luck – there is no intention to help (not blaming though) – next to that there is another small shop with similar business – when asked him he allowed me to charge – to be sure I said it will take at least 2.5hrs and made sure he is fine with it.

Here same problem with earthing – but luckily by this time I built my own tech/solution for earthing which is not a problem anymore (only requirement is I need a ground which is not covered with pavement or concrete).

But was unlucky there was a power cut couple of times and finally started at 6.30 pm in the evening

Headed to Nalgonda – this time I ringed my cousin to check if there is someone to help available in Nalgonda – by the time I reached Nalgonda I have a contact number in my messages – I ringed him but he was not able to guide me properly to the address nor able to share location – didn’t want to trouble him more so decided to find charge myself – found 1 essar petrol pump which is about to close where this guy is about to sleep and didn’t bother much what am asking and he said for everything I asked – not sure if he even get what am trying to say – he started sleeping and find the plug accessible easily outside – so started charging and took some rest there beside the flight

Morning around 4.30 headed to L.B nagar - Hyderabad


And there you daw the new KIA MOTORS plant… right?


Interesting travelogue :slight_smile:


Hello Edit1-@Abhishek,
This is Harsha I am not an Ather owner yet but wanted to own it one day, I currently live in Chennai my hometown is Chittoor. (I would have helped you if I knew your Bangalore-tirumala plan previously, let me know if you visit again Edit2 also could have done a test ride at my place)
Lately discovered your adventures, I was searching Ather on YouTube (regarding Chennai launch) and found your channel and today and read these posts now.



planning to go to chennai soon

I’ll let u know


@Abhishek, can you make a video on how you made this “Portable” grounding device.


There was thunderstorm when started to Hyderabad which came without any notice in just 100meters a change in weather and heavy downpour. I quickly have to secure my mobiles and other docs which are in my sling bag so have pulled over in a petrol pump and by the time I reached there I noticed that there is lots of water in the bag – mobile survived but passport is screwed. It is no more a passport – my photo is wiped away.

After an hour of continues rain finally resumed the journey and have reached Hyderabad (L.B nagar at 7am) - elevation was too high - have to cruise in reduced speed than usual.

Before reaching Hyderabad I was opinion that it will be easy in hyderabad to find charge as I see lots of charger in Recharge india app.

First I tried going to a Mahindra service center where a charger is listed on map and in description it suggested 15Amp socket available – when I reached and queried with security – he advised that there isn’t any such charger and didn’t allow me to check. so have called on numbers listed for nearby chargers – few said they will allow Mahindra cars and few said there is no such charger.

But I remember some article which I read where govt. advertised that all metro stations will have facilities to allow electric vehicles to charge. So, I was confident if I find a metro station I can charge.

Now I have only 1km left.

Saw 2 guys riding a electric bicycle with lithion ion pack labelled as ‘Epick’ – was impressed with the label and was curious – before I approached them one of them asked me if I can stop for a talk.

Got to know these guys are running a business – so was excited and spoke to them to understand how the market is in Hyderabad. As I was tired couldn’t spend more time and advised them that I will visit their place next day, as I was of opinion that I will find a port near metro didn’t bother to ask these guys help (which would have been easy) – only to my surprise there isn’t any port there at metro and am left with no battery. So, same story – started pushing the bike and started asking for help in almost all the business which are next to the road – this was biggest shock – not even 1 of at least 20 (includes all kinds of business and petrol pump and even leadacid battery shops) who I approached were not ready to allow me to charge –

Now this happened – have checked on mobile for next available petrol pumps on the map – and kept this in track pocket and started pushing towards next petrol pump along the road curve ahead – when I reached the petrol pump and didn’t get charge there aswell – so thought will ring my cousin to check if he have any friends around that place – but couldn’t find mobile – spent about and hour there to search for mobile – tried ringing from stranger’s mobile who is passing by – now confirmed – lost mobile.

Now I crossed at least 3 metro stations and there are no such provisions to charge EV. Reached dilshuknagar – then realized have come too far (5.5km pushing vehicle) – now sweat started pouring like water from jacket openings.
Saw police station so thought will give complaint for mobile – got to know the area which I lost mobile is under different police station. Reached dilshuknagar bustop now and started taking some rest.

Where one among a group of cops who have come for security for rally (hanuman jayanthi) noticed me and waved hand at me and asked to come over and started asking about me and my journey and he started bringing everyone attention to me and one cop decided to help me and guided me to a juice shop – who again denied help – when cop came over and asked why cannot he allow me to charge when am paying him – he allowed me to charge – as I felt this is with force didn’t want to stay long so have started after an hour and offered him some money – he didn’t take and in return he offered juice.

Headed to cousins home at Pragathi nagar – Kukatpally and reached there at 2.30pm. in the evening went to couple of friends home and stayed in patancheru that night.


You have lot of patience more than passion :slight_smile:


Next day visited at kondapur, Hyderabad.

Team stay and work there which I liked the most – busy in R&D and assisting customers.

So these guys are into Electric bikes (convert BTWN to an electric bike with a kit – designed by them) sales and renting for extended period – mostly targeting youth and people who are living away from home for their job.

These guys are from NIT Warangal who choose Hyderabad as market as they have access to some R&D labs in their circle over there.

Original plan is to build a high performance bicycle with great specs along with range with which u can move around city swiftly,



however after studying the market and considering people views and needs they came up with above plan and they are doing well…

Have shared my experience with Ather – and they are keen how I charge on the go –

Now riding time – being engineers they want to check what our Flight got under hood and so tried to get a glance as much as thy could about the inside before even bothering to take it for a spin.

They started discussion the possible reasons for high cost, delay in production, achieving performance, parts used etc…. for some time and finally in turns have taken test ride (obviously u must know how excited they will be)



After this we had little chat on their future plans and left the flight for some charge.

Head back home – started preparations for the return to Bangalore

Planned to start early – but couldn’t get up next day so have stayed one more day there in Hyderabad – doing nothing

Next day started around 5 from kukatpally and headed towards shamshabad

As I don’t have a mobile now – I need to completely navigate from dashboard and just hope I will have coverage on the route to Bangalore!


@Ather.Team – there was a route updated on maps when I key in the destination, and I started to head towards destination – there was once particular Outer Ring Road which heads towards airport and reduces the distance which generally picked by google maps….for the best route

But when I followed the route I had a bummer – when I reached toll gate on the ring road which was almost 5km after the route started towards ring road staff was shouting at me and I kind of felt odd aswell as there aren’t any 2 wheelers then I quickly realised there is something wrong. Though there is no intimation/may be I missed that 2 wheelers are not allowed on that ring road!

I was surprised how come google is not updated with this info as all the 2 wheelers are taking some other route.

Then I found out this

Can you make out the difference


@Ather.Team can you please choose option for bike on dashboard so that route will be accurate!

I had to find different way which I tried to remember a route from my long lost memory and finally was in track towards shamshabad…

When I reached shamshbad I have lots of juice left which I knew it will be, but started looking for help as I was less confident after exp in hyd city – more success in rural areas until now…

Anyways I headed until *Thimmapur where I saw 33kV substation – so time to charge –

Luckily no much resistance – instead he help me by trying different supply of current at that station and also showed me the earthing point to have earthing sorted (all substations will be installed with earthing – this will be huge and can be easily noticeable)

He queried about the journey and was awed and later started to contact his friends in the coming way substations and gave me some coordinates where I can find substations and gave his number – in case need assistance in convincing people at substations (same department right!)

Was there for about 2hrs and started heading towards Bhutpur Sub-sation asper his advise…

When reached Bhutpur – they interviewed me for 1/2hr and said “D.E sir is here and we don’t want any trouble from him” – and asked me to visit another small sub-station which is near by (Annasagar) – couldn’t find it so started looking for help – I found help at Meseva center – moosapet – who was kind enough to allow me to charge – stayed there for 2.15 hrs and started and headed to kodandapur substation.

I reached by evening and it was dark – though he straight away offered for help (as he had some previous exp where someone with an EV came to this place and got it charged) – but again earthing problem – when earthing was sorted – noticed that the wiring couldn’t take the load (as this is very old build – probably wires are with lesser diameter) – I didn’t want any trouble passed to him (as it will be pitch dark without power in the room he is sheltered) thanked him and started.

Headed for few kms and found a petrol pump – asked the guy who is filling petrol – he confirmed if am ready to pay and called owner – now presentation starts – when done he asked how much will I pay - I asked him to quote (warned him – I wouldn’t pay unusually high – should be reasonable) and advised it will take 2.5 units for enough charge for me to move ahead. Then he hesitantly said he is not sure that what does unit cost to him.

I quickly opened Andhra Pradesh SPDCL site and showed him the charges for commercial consumption (rs.10 + tax) – but he said this is Telangana – I replied no difference – the he asked for rs.50 .

Which is not bad – but he is not convinced that a unit charge is soo low he got his previous month’s bill and started calculating the price he might be incurred – then he got to a conclusion that it will cost rs.11 including taxes – asked him if he is happy else will stop charging and leave – he said he is good as he is not making any loss and making profit though little – so surprised that he is making sure of everything though was happy, later took some rest there and left after 2.30hrs


@atherteam may I ask you to include battery % in charging screen along with units consumed with current unit consumption – please ……

started from there and headed towards Dhone – this place is kind of weird – the entire town is quite far from the highway itself and so didn’t want to divert instead started looking for help along the highway – there are 4 petrol pumps in total but are spread away from each other – lost entire juice very quickly – no help – not eve a word from first 3 petrol pumps – last one was reliance petrol pump where he is offering free WIFI – but not free current or paid service – on multiple request he agreed to allow me to charge but from a broken plug point with no earthing! – I was not happy with the way he offered help even after I am paying so left the place though I know it is the last resort!

Pushed the vehicle back looking for any other sources noted there is a hotel (similar to dhaba) no luck there – then saw a puncher where this dude is sleeping and so didn’t want to disturb him…

Saw a temple where there is some light from inside…

I know there is power so headed there and inspected and installed my earthing rod as well (had put some water to get some moisture around) – but when I finally got to the switch board I noticed that the plug is not 3 point – it is that old 2 point with no provision for 3rd pin – what next! – search start again! – now I notice a small tea stall guy who have this grinder in his background where I noticed it is a home… asked him for help – he showed me a plug which was hanging from a pillar of the shed! – lucky I dotn have install my earthing rod instead I got earthing from one of the iron pillar of the shed which is in contact with earth….

Stayed there for about 2.5hrs taking rest – paid him Rs.80 – that was the change I was carrying with me/left with me…

Now it was already 4.30 in the morning and I get a call from my cousins friend who advised he is heading to Yoga class and asked me approximate time – advised him I ill be there in Ananthapur by 7am – which I am and started charging – he was kind enough to allow me to refresh and also offered me breakfast made by his wife – it was yummy and now the demo time – all three of the family members are excited about the bike – only thing they are not happy about is the cost.

Later he left to office and asked me to ring him before he start as he have some contact in penukonda which was my next hop.

Ringed him and he gave me the contact – and to my surprise this is a government office (Roads and Buildings!) and I got help there and now all the employees there are surprised and couldn’t believe about my trip and such a small vehicle couldn’t sustain so long trip without any issues…

Started charging – obviously no earthing but found a sign board which suggests this is a R&B office came to rescue (also there are couple of people who offered me help on twitter both in Ananthapur, penukonda – but I didn’t have connectivity to internet, so was not aware)

also saw KIA plant which was huge and ready for production - also liked windmills around the plant

Now this gave me contact at hindupur office (same department) – headed to hindupur but by the time I reach it was almost 4.30 which I though was after office hours so didn’t call him instead I was confident that I will find help as this is rural place

Again found a sub-station in Hindupur and started charging there (this guy was scared with my look and shouted JUST STOP THERE!!! When I was about to get down from my flight) – which scared me and quickly realized that I was completely covered like a dacoit member! – so I asked him to relax and started giving some background – he was not convinced but he also wanted to help in case am genuine – so he ringed up a guy who is his subordinate and asked him to come there – till then he distanced himself and asked me to wait – when the other guy arrive in 5 mins – they took my interview and allowed me to charge!

Was there till 7.30 pm and started to last destiny – Home where my mom was eagerly waiting for my return from 2 days though there are continuous updates from me over the phone.

Finally reached home at 9.30pm and my mom helped to take the luggage though I didn’t want her to carry – she was too concerned am weak after the journey.


Hats off to you, you are at the next level, by the way what range are you getting in a full charge.