MYTH: Electric vehicles are only for city use!


there is a limit 15gb

which have crossed some time back

so no luck there as well

thought will take backup once this trip is complete… but this happened

have to find a solution next time


So sad. Don’t worry let’s see some finds and give you back or track that person and get it back.


Use unlimited storage at high quality. it works well


Google photos has no data limit afaik. Only if u store original hd quality it counts against data.
Try tracking the phone and data. Wishing you luck and safety.


i know not a great video

this is what i could manage from a borrowed mobile


was searching for a charge in hyd near LB nagar

unable to find for a while so have removed the mobile from bag and tried searching for petrol pumps nearby and have left mobile in my pocket (wearing a track which has no zipper for pocket)

after 15 min i notice that mobile is missing - couldn’t realize as i was pushing the bike and concentrating on businesses nearby to ask for help

my mobile is 7 inch and will not fit completely in the pocket

should have been more careful


oh that is unfortunate. I guess you were not able to track it down afterwards? May be some good samaritan would have picked it up and might be awaiting your call?


Hi Abhishek,

This is Santhosh, this place is just opposite to my house In Palamaner , in future You need help to charge ur Ather let me know I can help.
You can get in touch on my number 9980010690 if you need help in Palamaner.



Starting to Bangalore tomorrow

below is the route plan



above is based around 80km range and might change depending on different factors

for now found help in ananthapur

lets see how it goes


sure will get in touch when i return to bang

and thanks for that


Why do you take chances.
Make it 60kms range.
That way you don’t have to wait that extra long for 100%.
80% will be fine and faster, don’t you think


yes in a way it make sense and is ideal when you know you have help ready for you without any wait

but at this stage it takes more stops, which means you need to search for charging more number of times, more efforts to search for charging - we end-up spending more time


Got your point.
Anyway, best of luck


Hey santosh, can u tell me that can I buy it in Bangalore and take it to PUNE?


You can take it all around the country - no holds barred. But any repairs, replacements and troubleshooting can only be done at Bangalore.

So basically, if some moron causes an accident and your bike is damaged, Ather can’t repair it for you in Pune. You’ll need to ship it to Bangalore via rail/road and get it done.

Also the charging point installation and associated maintenance can only be done at Bangalore.

I know, it’s kind off a bummer that you have such a beautiful vehicle in the market, but then your city is not yet apart of that market!


Back in Bang


After reading through your blog, Ather 450’s range is not meant for highways or roadtrips and meant to be used in within city limits for commuting only. Atleast @Ather should increase the true range to 200km


This would mean a larger battery pack, re-designing the vehicle structure for the larger battery pack, upgrading the BMS to handle the additional capacity, re-working suspension and frame to account for the extra weight brought on by the larger battery pack and finally extensive road testing since additional weight is going to impact the range/torque and top speed.


If we look at Tesla, I think making the the first model is the hardest and later on it is improving on an existing design. @Ather should focus its energy in improve the range rather than try to make it ‘smart’.


The product is different and target market is different. How many people drive for 100km one way everyday?. The cheapest Tesla has a range equal to 300+kms - considering the larger battery pack.

What also sells for Tesla is the FSD software, OTA upgrades, build quality and the access to SuperChargers enroute that allow owners to rapidly top-up battery charge for longer drives. If look at most Tesla reviews, there is very little commentary about the battery but more about the FSD/advanced collision avoidance/Sentry Mode and even Dog mode!

And my 2 cents - You dont have to compromise on range for a smart vehicle and vice/versa. They can co-exist - only that battery tech evolution is slower than IoT/SW evolution.