MYTH: Electric vehicles are only for city use!


We can only admire your passion !


700 Kms!!! That’s amazing @Abhishek.
How about a Leh, Ladakh trip on your Ather? :wink:


Superb Brother, You are already Legend at Ather Space.
This is one more star on your shoulder.

i have seen people using back support rucksack /ergonomic backpack for long rides and treks, you can even rent them these days.



Your next target !! :wink:


Now You are giving Ideas to Ather as well to build a rocket to moon like Elon Musk’s SpaceX project and Abhishek to buy it. :slight_smile:


:joy: …and it will be the first Tupperware to moon…you guys made me laugh a lot :joy:
Nice one :ok_hand:


Abhishek…it’s not only imagination…we can’t even dream about your achievement!!


i hope NASA sets up an AtherGrid point, otherwise he’ll be searching for a grounded 3 pin socket there :slight_smile:



can do that

let me cover entire south or atleast half india later will head there




just searched
no route available to plan on Google maps


i should find sponsors to buy me a slot

as is, it took about 8 months to accumulate savings to buy flight 6947…


Don’t worry @Ather.Team will wholeheartedly wl sponsor u :blush:



It feels wonderful to share your experiences to all of us. Truly inspirational stuff!



Ammamaa liked it tooo…:slight_smile:


reached Hyderabad morning

sad part of the story

lost mobile

lots of data

are lost

which are more valuable than mobile itself…


Oh sad to hear. How did you lose it?


Try using google photos from next time. It will sync all your photos. At least you wont loose them.