MYTH: Electric vehicles are only for city use!


imagine if we have 5kWh battery with same weight or may be 1kg/kWh tech - i shall fly with my flight 6947

just waiting!


not sure am comfortable with them and also i bought elastic ropes from Decathalon - plan is to wrap all the stuff and somehow band it to grab handle - but unable to - also ill ride sitting on pillion seat most of the time - so have put stuff where i find it comfortable…

anyway would like to see some accessory which extends from grab handle - so that i can put my stuff there!


so here is the summary for Dharmastala trip


first full charge

  1. the game changer

elevation 2999ft

  1. HP petrol pump kunigal

elevation 2467ft

  1. indian oil petrol pump near hassan

MM Service Station Indian Oil Pet

elevation 2940ft

4.Hp petrol bunk sakleshpurs )(while going small shop guy helped me)

elevation 2992ft



elevation 351ft






just in case if ang of you go to any of these places please thank them again on my behalf


so, another weekend has arrived

what next… any guesses where can flight go

coming soon…



Let’s have a meet-up!!


Hats off to you… During your journey to Dharmastala…

  1. How was your charging station lender’s reaction? Better than Thirumala trip?
  2. How long it took ? What was the entire duration?
  3. Did you charge at the same place while returning? (I do not think so, as coming up the hill (sakleshpura) you may have burnt more energy)
  4. Did you pay them?


Flight ready to take off tomorrow

just finished cleaning

  1. Similar story as tirupati
  2. While going it took 24hrs as it took time to find a charging point/place… and to convince them,
  3. but while returning it was easy time taken was 3.5hrs less, i started with 30km at dharmastala and charged to 90% at a petrol pump which is around 12km from dharmastala (while going i didn’t charge here, you can see the elevation above, i didn’t have to charge there)
    4.I did pay them via Paytm until sakleshpura and cash near dharmastala


where to?


Headed to dad’s home town in AP to vote


And you even packed lunch? I see a Tupperware lunch box hanging there!



don’t like food from restaurants or hotels, no matter how good they are

when done with food,
I’ll purchase fruits


at Ongole now

next and last hop is Bapatla and then destination (near Vijayawada)

took some rest last night in between…

else would have been close to destination by this time


@Ather.Team is lucky to get a user/customer like you.


Things that I’ve understood so far:

  • You are one crazy guy I tell you :smiley:
  • You must be still single :grin:
  • You’ve helped Ather and it’s customers like us a lot by your trips and its reports :+1: Keep it up.
  • However riding for such long distances sitting almost on the pillion seat and luggage loaded like that is one big risk- Please take care.
  • Suggest you to build or get some panniers or saddle bags. Not only can you take your luggage but it will be safe as well.


hey Ather gang

reached destiny yesterday by evening (must have been much earlier, as have slept for 7hrs between i was late)


today morning after 59 years my grand paa home got earthing

with the help of electrician (ton some time to explain him what is grounding… when he got the idea he said that it is fine only when a air conditioning is installed!!)

able to charge vehicle at home now

no network at home so had to travel 4km to find 3g signal with mobile in hand

and surprisingly dashboard managed some signal even at home!!

it is able to manage with idea 3g

from ongole till my village yesterday there was no signal in the dashboard, i have to manage navigation from my mobile,… but it appears now it is able to manage… not sure why


total time taken 2 days 7 hrs including charging time



and am comfortable on pillion seat

let me see the cost for those suggestions and I’ll take a call