MYTH: Electric vehicles are only for city use!

Bad timing and tough luck…If you were there at around 15:30, I’d have spotted you and stopped to help…I passed that place around that time in my Ather and my portable charger was with me.

By the way, what’s the current status?


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first hop update

looks like it will be a while by the time i reach next one

no power here

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for those who are interested


Why is the rear LED light blinking always?

My best guess is that it’s the flicker you see when you record an LED light.

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That’s common among all LED lights/ displays. If you see any Car/Bike reviews which has LED DRLs or Lights you’ll see the flickering. That is because the LEDs are super bright. The cameras cant match up to that brightness. Something like that. Our dashboard doesn’t seem to be LED. Its probably TFT.

If you see some high end phones like OnePlus and K20 Pro, they come with a feature called DC Dimming. It reduces the flickering on the videos.

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Refresh rates basically. LED lights are not always on. They keep turning off and on at a very fast rate. Your eye cannot perceive such fast on-off sequences, so you see a continuous light on. However, when shooting at high frame rates (>24), you’ll see it captured.

If you shoot at 60 frames per second, but the rate at which the LEDs is lower, you’ll see it flickering.


LED lights be like “FOR YOUR EYES ONLY” :joy:


refresh rate is the answer- i put that to auto but if camera can match the frequency of the light, we won’t notice that

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Everyone loves high refresh rate. Including MKBHD. :joy: