MYTH: Electric vehicles are only for city use!

Bad timing and tough luck…If you were there at around 15:30, I’d have spotted you and stopped to help…I passed that place around that time in my Ather and my portable charger was with me.

By the way, what’s the current status?


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first hop update

looks like it will be a while by the time i reach next one

no power here

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for those who are interested


Why is the rear LED light blinking always?

My best guess is that it’s the flicker you see when you record an LED light.

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That’s common among all LED lights/ displays. If you see any Car/Bike reviews which has LED DRLs or Lights you’ll see the flickering. That is because the LEDs are super bright. The cameras cant match up to that brightness. Something like that. Our dashboard doesn’t seem to be LED. Its probably TFT.

If you see some high end phones like OnePlus and K20 Pro, they come with a feature called DC Dimming. It reduces the flickering on the videos.

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Refresh rates basically. LED lights are not always on. They keep turning off and on at a very fast rate. Your eye cannot perceive such fast on-off sequences, so you see a continuous light on. However, when shooting at high frame rates (>24), you’ll see it captured.

If you shoot at 60 frames per second, but the rate at which the LEDs is lower, you’ll see it flickering.


LED lights be like “FOR YOUR EYES ONLY” :joy:


refresh rate is the answer- i put that to auto but if camera can match the frequency of the light, we won’t notice that

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Everyone loves high refresh rate. Including MKBHD. :joy:



  • This post is going to be quite long and FULL of numbers and efficiency figures which might not interest some of you.

  • I understand a lot of you will think that the distance I’ve covered in the below stats might not be enough to make the efficiency valid. But do consider that all the rides I’ve done below, I’ve done at the speeds I’ve mentioned below, with no interruption and just cruised at those speeds. So I think these efficiency figures can be extrapolated to long continuous rides. And you might even get better efficiency figures because these short rides also take into consideration the energy used to accelerate to the speed mentioned

Hey guys. Wanted to share a short ride I took today.
I’ve had my scooter for 4 months now and I’ve never taken it out of the city, I’ve never even ridden it for more than 35km at a stretch.
Also I really wanted to know how my Ather runs at different speeds. What consumption at what speed.
So I thought today was a good day to try it out and I charged up my scooter to 100% , set my tyre pressures right and set out towards the airport. The plan was to just reach the airport and turn around and get back home. In case I couldn’t, then to turn around at 55% SoC
I live 33 Km or so from the airport and I was confident I can do it on a single charge with TORQ92 as back up.
So I set out with a plan in mind to ride at a constant speed for a good stretch continuously to get an idea about the consumption.
These are all the values I was able to obtain

  1. Riding at low 50kmph speeds (between45-55kmph)
    For 6.3Km and 13 Mins efficiency - 29Wh/Km

  2. Riding at just under 40kmph for 5.2Km in 9 minutes efficiency - 26Wh/Km

  3. Riding at just under 30kmph for 3.5 Km in 10 mins efficiency - 23Wh/Km

I finally reached the airport and to my surprise I still had 65% SoC left. With an average efficiency of 27Wh/Km

Considering I still had so much range left I decided to do some high speed efficiency rides
4. Riding at 60kmph for 6.1 Km I took some time to get to 60kmph porbbaly why my avg speed seems off.
Efficiency - 33wh/Km

5. Riding at 70kmph for 5.3 Km in just 7 mins efficiency - 35Wh/Km again the avg speed seems a bit off.

By this time I was passed by some activas and access 125 and some bikes. I caught up to a few of them at 70kmph and when I stopped to take photos of my dashboard all of them passed by me. Now I didn’t want a bad impression of ather. And I had enough charge to get home very very comfortably. So I maxed out my 450 and hit 90kmph till the motor cut off. Caught up to all of them and wheeeeeed passed ALL of them and they were just a blip in my rear view mirror. Passed even a few cars.
6. Riding at the full throttle between 80-90 kmph for 5.2 Km in 4-5 Mins efficiency - 54Wh/Km :see_no_evil:

I wanted to stay at 90kmph for longer but then came Hebbal flyover, and all the scooters i passed came by and were pleasantly surprised. Stuck in the traffic they started asking me about my Ather and the usual questions. I mentioned the lease and they seemed really interested and I told them the lease options. The plans I could remember at the moment and their next question was if I was a dealer. I just laughed and said no no and had a few of the “tired of answering questions cards” in my pocket, so I handed out a few and went my way.
Reached home with 17% left. I went into limp mode JUST before reaching my house and Just after I climbed a steep gradient.

2 Hours well spent in my opinion.

PS - I did this mainly because I had no idea about how much energy my scooter consumes to cruise at different speeds. I tried searching for ways to figure that out, but I still wasn’t very satisfied. @Abhishek and @ayanahmedhussain thanks for the pointers.
I wanted to make this post for all those ather owners out there who might have similar questions like I did.

I don’t mean to sound offensive but ather could have saved me the trouble of doing all this to figure out how much my scooter consumes at a particular speed by just providing a simple instantaneous efficiency indicator which is more quantifiable than just the red Halo on the dashboard. A simple wh/Km instantaneous consumption value on the dashboard. Would really help in long cruising rides to fight out anxiety and to plan our rides better. I hope @Ather.Team looks at this and understand the need for it on the dashboard.

Hope this is helpful :sweat_smile: