MYTH: Electric vehicles are only for city use!

@Abhishek has the best stories to tell about driving the bike.


I always wait for @Abhishek reply on MYTH: Electric vehicles are only for cities

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first hop will be international space station :blush:


second source will be roadster with space man (I’ll steel that suit)


@Abhishek - For all the long rides you are doing, have you thought about adding a spare battery in a custom housing in parallel and may be Ather can sponsor this :wink:

Hey @saadmanna. I live in Mysuru , I have preordered ather 450 and I don’t have any address proof of Bengaluru for registration. Ather is suggesting to take temporary registration and get the permanent registration in Mysuru. But I am sure RTO agents will find a way to make money out of my situation. I spoke to Ather customer support and they said they won’t consider address proof affidavit as proof of residence. I don’t want to purchase the vehicle in someone else’s name. If you have some inputs , please share with me. It would help me and other people who are considering to buy Ather outside Bengaluru . Thanks .

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so by the time i reached IBIS hotel

there are couple of guys from service team may be who are preparing flights for the event

charging them, making sure everything in ok for the ride

went upstairs and i see entire Ather team is still awake and are sorting things without sleep…

had chat with few of them and went to the room and rest time

next day by the time i woke-up Pradeep @pkg7723 entry

i have to say the bed is too small…and am lucky as pradeep came in the morning

had chat for some time, pradeep got call from arjun for a quick ride to beach, so we headed to Marina beach (which i use to hear in news always)
now our scientist pradeep was surprised along with me seeing the long beech both width and length, so he started making theories how beech had got its shape and quality of sand
we already encountered queries about the flight

headed back to hotel and got ready for the event and headed to downstairs where i met many owners and ather team

finally we started our ride and headed to event place and parked our flights there - again there is another team deployed to charge our flights - just incase

after long wait (multiple announcements were made that event will start in 10 min, 7min and finally even 3min) but started very late (no surprise - i know i shouldnt complain)

my mobile shut down by this time - didnt put charge in the night - couldnt cover the event

comments welcome, what are they discussing about

first sat in 4th row, slowely moved to last and we are standing y the time event started.

first session every owner is attentive to the speech and trying to grab any new info…

Arun, Swapnil and Tarun completed presentation quickly, all three were troubled by the slides (as there is some problem with presentation remote where it just jumps to next side in a hurry even before the intro of the topic)

finally got in touch with people - future owners

clearly there is so much of interest in chennai

i didnt knew what to do for couple of minutes as it is fully crowded and everyone is trying to get their hands on the vehicle though they know test drive is available…

slowly people started coming to me asking if am Abhishek, i was like ‘may be’ because am not sure why

but later it was all fun knowing that they actually read my long posts (actually stories)

this continued for rest of the sessions, i got to meet people who see the videos and reviews of other owners and started discussing about the situations like rain, potholes also about owning vehicle itself,

initially i felt little uncomfortable as there is lot of crowd but later when i was engaged with discussion i was really happy talking to them as these discussion will not happen everyday and i was having same exp as all other owners did

i started being more happy as and when some random guy comes to me and asks are u Abhishek… and start talking to me as if they know me from long time!!
this happen to me may be at least more than 10 times

later kept dragging me to some random guys that they want to speak to me

second session we are backbenchers now as it is the same session same info,
me, Abishek, Arjun, Ravi, Sanjeev and many others are hanging out cracking jokes, making fun of slides on presentation etc

tarun in his presentaion took my name - had no clue why as we are busy in something else - suddenly he asked me to getup and later wave my hand

after presentation tarun ran to me and said 'u are too shy, wasted 15 sec just to ask you to getup

once the second session is done, headed back to hotel
decided to do another small ride so went to another beach where most of the group left early on return, i saw a ather fast charger on side of the road so have tried chariging for about 10 min and returned to hotel…

later dropped chetan at his hotel and came back…

back to bed, before we started sleeping @pkg7723 shared his stories with the bike and
the way he tried fooling cops

next day we are supposed to start early (@pkg7723 used mannual alarm to wake up!! - yes he gave me the task )
next day i woke up and decided to pick chetan as he is already late

though Ather team informed all of us about the early moring ride, i was confident that they will start at 7.45 as time given is 6.45

went to chetan place and picked him, by the time we returned team is already on long ride

so made a plan to charge at a fast charger and join the ride, headed to one of those

east coast - this was not working as this is running on generator which was not able to pump enough current, so pod decided to help me with slow charging

waited there for about 40 min (chetan was busy finding the cause for slow charging though i explained him - he want to validate the cause and advise actions to security guy in tamil)

now after 20% charge decided to got o another charger (by this time we realized that we are not joining hte ride so target chaged to event atleast)

went to sunny bee charger and did purchase some mangoes

headed to hotel after enough charge and got ready for the event

same experience again

there are many who are interested in vehicle
got to meet 2 of them who are from coimbatore planning to purchase vehicle and take it to their work/home place and will rely on service from Bangalore

felt really nice meeting them

have also met a guy from some other place - donot remember the place name but it is far - even he is planning the same - so he was asking if i have ever faced any breakdown

later happen to meet couple of them back to back who are planning a ride to pondicherry once they get the bike - and asked me to join the ride in september which am happy about

‘so going to chennai again once deliveries are commenced’

later had lunch with mangoes

got a chance to thank personally @HarshaVardhan for offering help at chittoor

had chat with heamanth and requested him to invite me when he decide to do some design stuff next time

now quick photo session

thanks Tarun for the nice pic where u managed Ather in the background along with the owners

time to leave chennai - shreyas gave us a goodie bag

now headed to railway station

me, arvind, pradeep and sneha are placed together in the train

Arvind was patient enough to know about my long ride experiences and what have i learnt so far about vehicle and people
@pkg7723 as usual entertaining with his training - how to handle cops in bangalore

time to spread towards our regular lives

now i realized that my Ather goody bay and my fav mangoes are mixed and missing…

me and pradeep searched the cabin for sometime and concluded it is missing and headed back to home

Pradeep gave me list of places to visit in coming weekends

@pkg7723 it is 17th today - hope u remember


220 v is in India in the US it is 110v

How do you do it? @pkg7723

Explain it on the forum also!!

Hey! @abhishek

Please list the places.
Are they in BLR?

It can’t be explained here. If we meet some where I will explain it personally.

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Lakshmi Narayana Swamy Temple
Lakshmi Narayana Swamy Temple
Jalamangala, Karnataka 562159
079752 39558

Savandurga Hill

Rangarayana Doddi Lake Boating
Bolappanahalli, Karnataka 562159

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as i said it is training

Hahaha sure

All the three are about 60 KM’s from my house.

Will need to charge at destination!

is a weekend challenge

should you choose!


Me and @Abhishek are planning to shivagange you can join us on Sunday. so if you are willing then I will explain the plan

220v lines are used in the US too for things like washer/dryers, air-conditioners, heaters etc. It’s common to see a 220v point in almost every American home built after the 70’s.

KSA has both too
220V for ACs, etc and 110V for others.

Well yes, the Americans did commit the stupidity of sticking with 110V (rated 120V) for general appliances (they had their reasons), but luckily for them, some folks were smart enough to realize 120v is not going to cut it for bigger appliances like refrigerators/washing machines and industrial machines. So they designed a 220v (rated 240V) system as well, similar to India. You can look up NEMA 240V outlets for more info. (Link). Here’s an image from the linked article, all of these are 240V sockets:

Yesterday (sunday) been to Shivagange – which is about 60km from Bangalore (may vary based on where u live in bangalore)

So, this was planned by me and Pradeep @pkg7723 when we met in Chennai.

I was surprised to see he’s got crazy list of places around Bangalore, where we can have fun weekend rides…

So first in the list is Shivagange – happen to be close to Pradeep’s mom’s native…

So the plan is to start at 6am in the morning at a common meeting place at goraguntepalya, where I have started from my home at 5.30 and reached the place by 5.45, and texted Pradeep, appeared he had trouble with finding the charger which he borrowed from his friend. (it was missing from the boot, so he went to his friends home to check but they aren’t available…)

We finally met at 6.50 and started towards shivagange by 7am at around 40 to 50km speed, we quickly reached Pradeep mom’s place and had a quick charge for about 10% each at his uncle’s place…

(as there is only 1 charger now, we need to share the charger and time)

Then headed to shivagange hill, which we are able to see already and looking beautiful with fog on the top…

We have reached there and parked our flights little away on Pradeep’s advise (as there are too many monkeys in parking area, he had bad experiences in past where seats are torn by monkeys)

We started walking from there towards the temple itself and took steps (me with bare foot and Pradeep have decided to climb with slippers)

Once we passed the temple itself real fun starts as the hills get more steeper and steeper and more challenging to climb, steps are carved on the hill itself for grip, luckily there is no sun, else I would have burnt my foot…

Noticed there is some kind of rainwater harvesting tech, in the hill itself which is very fascinating, not sure if this was made by man or natural but interesting to see, all the rain water gets accumulate here and stored, surprisingly this is servicing all the water needs for the temple and they have even installed a pipe to pump water – may be to the other side of the hill, also noticed there are canals on the hill for the water to flow to bottom of the hill.

By the time we have done 50% climbing I am half drenched in sweat, but Pradeep doesn’t have any visible seat, one can notice my face hair and shirt have completely wet!!

After reaching 75% it was almost impossible to climb without support, there are grab rails with which we are able to manage the climb for most of the time, there are some places where even holding grab rail it is very difficult to have balance.

You will find some vendors selling fruits, snacks and drinks at some curves, but please do not buy any! Please!!

2 reasons why, first-most of the thing u buy will be plastic holders and it will end up spoiling the surroundings on the hill, which is concerning as the amount of plastic thrown as waste is considerably high already and there are grooves between 2 hills which are filled with plastic bottles!!

Second reason, we have our mischievous and at times dangerous Monkeys all around, and they are crazy also smart, they will not trouble vendor for food, but as soon as you buy the food from vendor they will be after you, most of them who are wise will give it to them without fight, but few try to fight to lose as monkey is MONKEY

Also observed there is a law for monkeys as well within themselves, once a monkey take food from visitor other monkeys do not trouble the monkey asking for share instead they find another visitor if they are hungry. We saw a DON monkey there @pkg7723 has a pic of it

Now after some more effort we reached on top and it was beautiful and satisfactory looking at nature from heights, we are very close to clouds and we can see howz the weather in surrounding places, also we can see tumkur from the hill and few ponds along with factories surrounding industrial area. you can see a BIG idol of Nandi carved on the hill top and a small temple which is probably the whole purpose of the place but was ignored badly, the breeze was cool and fresh – hope our planet have same breeze all the time when our electric vehicles take over ICE and dependent on renewables to run on a daily basis

Surprised to see a dog on the top – probably meditating – as we are there for about an hour on the top and this dog didn’t change its position at all, being a monkey myself decided to poke it, touched its ear twice, but no response it is clearly lost in deep sleeeeep (u can watch the dog in video)

Now we started return back downhill, I find it difficult to get down and made more stops than we have during climb and my foot started hurting more as I didn’t have practice walking bare foot…

As we are making more stops we started some literature/script carved on the hill at some places, tried to decode but couldn’t…

There are many other interesting things there which was explained by Pradeep as he has been to this place many times form childhood

back to flight parking place now

we have shutdown our flights to save loss of energy, but Pradeep flight have remained at 42% and my flight lost 4%, in such short period

despite shutting the system

@Ather.Team please review and this is not first time and have been observing high loss on idle time from my battery

So, started the trip now towards Pradeeps aunts house which is 15m away from shivagange as they are expecting us when Pradeep informed them in the morning.

By the time we reached that place (45km away from banagalore) I have 18% battery left and Pradeep have 20%,

We needed at least 1hr charge each to be able to return, we unwrapped our extension and charger and to our surprise there is no electricity and we got a confirmation that it is back only by 6Pm we have more 2.5hrs.

Now we are dam hungry and so diverted our focus on feeding ourselves first, had lunch at his aunts place and started searching for sources nearby for electrify.

Luckily there is place where electricity is available at pradeeps cousin friends place, headed there and started charging after an hour just before my flight got desired battery % @55 we heard a big sound and we m=immediately knew it is from some nearby transformer!

Now we started calculating time and we notice that it is 5.30 and his aunts place will get electricity back by 6, so we decided to stay until 5.55 and test our luck form there, luckily within 15 min power returned and started charging the other flight aswell,

At about 6.40 we started our return to Bangalore and reached Bangalore in an hour and back to home

Overall it is a great day and like the place a lot, good experience though a little trouble for charge at least we had a source.

Have requested all the owners to give a though to plan a drive as a group (at least 10)

In case you haven’t see the post please do and if interested – please reply

If the big question “howz about the charge” is bothering you guys – please leave it to me…

I shall try and sort a plan for all those and see we have portable charger and points ready

I just want to see how many will be interested for this!!