My review in Numbers-5000 Kms

My review in numbers:

There have been so many reviews in this forum that mine is bound to go unnoticed. So I shall keep my review short, this might also help someone who’s sitting on a fence.

Rider profile: 5’4, 72 Kgs.

Commute: 30 km round trip (Home-Office-Home) 6 days a week + Grocery and weekend beats with my toddler son.

Average monthly commute: 680kms/Month. (From 2016 for any commute above 20kms I prefer the safety of my car)

My previous ride-

2014 Yamaha FZ, Mileage- 35km/Litre. Was a bit expensive to maintain. But overall ride quality was great for a city commute.

Ather 450. Bought on 27-01-2020. Present ODO- 5200 km • Mode of ownership: Lease • Cost of ownership after 3 years. Rs.1,68,204. This includes annual subscription charges of Ather one Service.
• Ride mode- S-Mode most of the time.
• Average Range 72 in S mode

• Average consumption- 33Wh/km. Usually starts with 85% and ends up at 40%. That’s 45% Charge for 30km commute. • Daily battery charge- Will top-up up to 85-90%. (Remember the 101 of Battery chemistry- A battery stays happy between 30-80%) • Charge timings 7.30 pm- 9 pm. • Bescom charges- I have a separate meter board for my common lighting area. I used to get Rs.125 monthly bill, that has increased to Rs.220 per month post-Ather. So approximately I am paying 90-100 rupees for 680 km per month.

Major issues faced to date- • M019 error. That was hell but It was quickly rectified by Ather’s service team. • Indicator auto cut off- Works once in a blue moon. • Mirror- 1/10. Good for admiring elbows. Totally useless and a safety hazard.

What I liked.

• Build quality. • Instantaneous acceleration. • Ride quality in the segment. • Boot space. • Multi-information display. • No need to visit a petrol station. • Ather App and forum interaction.
• Idiotic riders are aplenty in our city. Dual disk brakes have saved my life more than once.

What I didn’t like.

• Sound/Noise- Loud noise along with occasional vibration below 25km/hr speed. Scares the dogs, kids, and everyone alike.
• Headlights- Is only good on pitch-black roads. • Mirrors- The less said the better.

Overall Ather 450 is a perfect ride for Dad-bod salaried person like me. It takes care of my daily commute as well as weekend shopping requirements.

There was a time when I used to spot 1 Ather per week. That has increased to 3 different bikes per day. Among all the 2 wheelers out there Ather is the most unique one to ride. The wheee noise is definitely unmissable even when I am sitting in my office. I give my bike an 8/10 and would advise anyone to go for it if your daily commute is within 50kms/Day.


Can’t disagree with this :joy:

I thought the problem only existed for people at around 6 ft like me. Looks like this is a universal issue! Very surprised Ather chose to continue with this mirror design even after consistent feedback on it.

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Nice and Practical review. I have same kind of riding pattern.

It helps me a lot for my up-comming 450x . :hatching_chick::hatching_chick::hatching_chick::hatching_chick:

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It seams these type mirrors are provided to improve the overall aesthetics.

If at all there’s a apocalypse in future and there’s a need to participate in a death race to survive we need to avoid these mirrors at all costs.

Sometimes I can’t make out if the vehicle behind me is a car or a bike. I am trying to listen to the traffic behind me these days.

Welcome aboard! You will love it.

It’s feels as if you are riding a big hair dryer for the first 1000kms. You will get used to it.


Same experience I had on 450x ride, can’t see anything, even if I squeeze my hands