My experience of buying my White Hawk

Hello Atherians,

Glad to be part of the group, I would like to share my experience of buying my Ather 450X aka White Hawk.


I own a Honda Hornet 160R from 2016 with an odo of ~75000 kms, service expenses of my bike started increasing including fork, tyre, clutch, and so. The thoughts of buying an EV 2 wheeler started, I searched what are all the available options in July 2021, omitted the cheap Chinese imported assembly units.

My Requirements were,

  1. Min. 70 kms range
  2. Min. 60-70 Top speed
  3. Connectivity Features if available
  4. Proven quality parts used - Battery, Brakes, Body parts

Short list Phase:

Finally available(not readily) options were,

  1. Revolt
  2. TVS iQube
  3. Hero
  4. Simple One
  5. Ola
  6. Ather

1. Revolt RV400: It is the only motorcycle EV available when I am searching for an EV, although I like the looks of it, it doesn’t turn eyes. Features:

  1. Three modes - Eco, City and Sport
  2. Range - 100-150kms depending on riding style
  3. Top Speed - 80 km/h
  4. Brakes - Both disc brakes
  5. Suspension - Front USD, Rear Monoshock
  6. Battery - Removable

Although most of my requirements were fulfilled, I didn’t choose Revolt since it’s a motorcycle, my wife suggested that if we buy an EV it should be a scooter so that she can also use it for her daily chores. We both agreed on that point and hence Revolt was out😭.

2. TVS iQube: “Me too” sake EV by the two wheeler giant! Features:

  1. Top speed - 78 km/h
  2. Range - 75kms on a full charge
  3. Peak Power - 6 PS
  4. Acceleration - 0-40 in 4.2S
  5. USB charging port
  6. Connectivity features - navigation, geo fencing, charging status
  7. Modes - Eco and Power
  8. Centre stand available


  1. Hub mounted motor😑
  2. Worried about TVS service
  3. Long charging time
  4. Not so good looks (Personally)
  5. I think IDC range is 75 kms, so in reality it will be less

TVS was also out!

3. Hero Electric: Only trusted brand with more models of EV but focusing on a different set of customers!

  1. All models are hub mounted motor😑
  2. AFAIK no connectivity features
  3. Top speed not more than 42kmph🥱
  4. Not personally attracted to the looks of it

Hero was also out!

4. Simple One: Waited for the launch - which was less than mediocre (no offence).

Features announced:

  1. Range - 236kms :drooling_face:
  2. Acceleration - 0-40 in 2.95s
  3. Torque - 72Nm :star_struck:
  4. Top Speed - 105 km/h
  5. Connectivity features


  1. Somehow the launch made a negative impact
  2. Freedom Mobile phone like memories
  3. Team BHP article stating Ather VIN number in launch😳
  4. Vehicle itself look like built over Ather
  5. Dubious claims over over every other competitor
  6. Lastly, won’t be available at least 6M - 1 year

Definitely out!

5. Ola:

      Everyone’s much expected EV❤️, built over Etergo!

Features of S1 Pro:

  1. Range - 180 kms IDC, 135kms True Range
  2. Top Speed - 115 km/h
  3. Hill hold assist and Cruise Control
  4. Power - 8.5 kw and 58 NM
  5. Moods and Widgets🤤
  6. Connectivity features, multiple profiles, voice control, speakers, USB charging
  7. Digital Key
  8. Online purchase experience - Home delivery, home service
  9. Large boot space😮

Dislikes: Most of the standout features maybe a problem for our country’s daily usage.

  1. Digital Key only😑 - however Tech savvy, a big Nooooo! Typing password in public😒, a simple software error could make your scooter non movable
  2. Incomplete product pushed with a long waiting period
  3. Lots of reviews quoting Hyper mode can’t run more than 10 mins
  4. Heating issues expected - no vents or fan system
  5. Software or BMS bugs - Range 30 to 0 within seconds, improper %
  6. Most of the features to be released later - Already Quoted
  7. No Center stand
  8. Panel gaps across, not so good switch gears, non usable rear hand grip (rubbery as per reviews)
  9. Raised hump on floor board - Why?:expressionless:, removes the purpose of a scooter, also raised leg stance and reduced space in the floor board area.
  10. Total Online Process - Even though new initiative, am not that trusting with this incomplete product, incomplete systems - lots of bug in completing the purchase process, since every new hour someone is complaining this and that in the vehicle, and waiting for a person to come home😑

I love Ola S1 pro (VFM) but as a complete product - which will be after a few months or a year, until that I am not interested in spending my money to become a lab rat.

6. Ather 450X:

   Finally the selected ONE!


  1. Available and updated at least for two years - lots of known owners and reviews
  2. Don’t want to mention the specs as all are aware already
  3. Service Centre and Experience centre near to home at around 4 kms
  4. Best looks of All😍! Futuristic, Modern, Unique!


  1. No centre stand
  2. Mediocre switchgear
  3. True range of 115kms would be :ok_hand:t3:
  4. Lagging navigation (as per review and forum)
  5. No USB charging
  6. Headlight throw could have been better
  7. Side mirrors😑

After all the search, my wife and myself agreed upon Ather 450X!

Test Drive: Myself went to Ather Experience Centre at Trichy on August 29, 2021. Since explored most of the things on internet, didn’t ask the sales person to explain things even though he showed interest in explaining. Straightaway had a hands on experience on one of the 450x standing there, since it was a Sunday I was the only person other than the working staffs. After fiddling for few mins with the dashboard requested test drive, provided my documents, got the head cap and helmet. Even after seeing many videos and reviews, the switching on experience was :open_mouth:, Riding Experience - bumpy sometimes due to stuff suspension, handling was quite flickable, brakes are best among scooters Eco mode - didn’t try much, felt very slow, thought of only to us eat bumper to bumper traffic Ride mode and Sport mode - Most suitable modes for day to day usage, with acceleration as well as speed Warp Mode🤤 - The moment I tested it, fixed to buy Ather 450X

After my test drive, due to our family’s new member - My Son’s entry, we were in no hurry to buy a vehicle so few months went by.

I requested the same person in December 12, 2021 to bring home the vehicle for my wife to test drive. The same happened the next day, my wife felt happy with the overall drive, though feared of Warp mode😜.

Booking Process:

I went to the showroom paid the booking amount of Rs. 2500 on Dec 13, 2021 and got the receipt as well as updation on Ather website through OTP process. Finalised on ORP of Rs.154xxx/-

The sales person quoted a 20 day waiting period, I requested to deliver on first week of Jan, 2022 if possible, he agreed to try the same.

Waiting Period and Full payment

Sales person himself called on Jan, 2022 and conveyed that the vehicle would take another 10-15 days, I said it’s Ok but try to deliver ASAP,

5-8 days post that he called and informed me that there is a price hike of around Rs. 5000 and he also asked do you still wish to buy the vehicle. I understood his situation, this is every OEMs decision, price is what we pay at the time of full payment so there is no arguing in that. Hence I said it’s ok please deliver the vehicle as soon as available.

He called two days later to inform that “vehicle is available and you can make the full payment”. I went and completed the payment process, I asked for vehicle to be shown and asked whether I can select the vehicle. I was offered a big No (this is already mentioned in forum). No other OEMS do this I think (correct me if I’m wrong).

Vehicle was allotted to me by themselves, I simply wished that mine should be a good one.

Registration Process:

Since my proof of address was affidavit, it took some 2-3 days for the process to complete. They took the vehicle two times for registration and couldn’t complete. Big OEMS do better in the registration procedures.


The Day my whole family was expecting since it is like a new thing happening (EV) - Jan 28,2022! (2nd Birthday of Ather 450x)

We went to the centre at around 05:00 pm and waited 15 mins, the vehicle was ready to be delivered.

After the Pooja formalities, My Father and myself got the Key from the manager.

Got the following - Cake bee biscuits, Invoice, Helmet, Charger, keys and my WHITE HAWK🤍!

As an emotional touch, my son pressed the motor on switch! Voila❤️

The whole process of purchase was a nice experience even though with a bit of niggles. Finally, glad that I opted for Ather, happy to be in the forum too!

Ignore my mistakes here and there in the thread, correct me if I’m wrong since this is my first experience on sharing in a vehicle forum.

Happy Motoring!:heart:


Congratulations on your White Hawk, ride safe!