My DJI Mavic Drone - footage


This is great! :smiley:

Did you get permissions on Digital Sky? Do elaborate your experience on this.

Also, looking forward to more footage with the 450 in it :wink:


I think you know very well about digital sky. Unfortunately only local make drones are allowed to register currently. So I am only flying places which are far from city safe flying zone after taking permission from local police station which is mandatory as per dgca guidelines. I am strictly following the guidelines of dgca. I love to take good coverage with 450 but only problem there is no ather grid available outside city and those zone where I can safely fly my drone. Expecting more charging facility in remote locations soon.

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You are not following the rules of the DGCA, your drone is not legal to fly. It doesnt fit the weight category for no licence. Hence your quadcopter is illegal to fly, without the licence

Can you register imported drones with digital sky?

hi @Aim120 this is micro drone and yes you are right 1st it should be NPNT (no permission no tack) compliance then we can apply for UIN. If you know please help us and let us know how do we register DJI Micro drone in digital sky and get license so that we can fly legally. Instead of spreading only the problem part of this please share how do we get out of this. I already asked seller to provide ETA and wrote a mail to dgca months ago but no reply from any one. It look like people are buying cigarette even though it is written injurious to health in the cover.


Its very had to get it for a individual, To much paper work and some of things they ask is physically not possible with many if not all off the shelf drones. Best is to get a drone which is below 250grams, that way you only have to notify the police and make sure to fly within LOS and with the said altitude and range limit.

Lastly putting public videos by flying high, or over crowded areas is only going to make rules more strict.

My suggestion is if you still want to fly, please keep the videos private.

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Thanks I ll follow your advice till I receive my license.

Good News! @Aim120 @abhishek.balaji
Guys ! I got a operator id and flyer id to fly my drone ! and you know what i can legally fly my drone in UK :slight_smile: unfortunately not in India. So if you have a drone > 250gm go to UK and fly ! :slight_smile:

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