My 450X S1 aka Black Hawk Comes home!

Took Delivery of my Black Hawk two weeks back by my parents and going by initial experience father was quite impressed as he was the first one to ride it, i am yet to check it out in person and will be going in the first week of April to get it back to my place (Mumbai), thank u very much Ather Team (Chennai) for making it a memorable day, and thank u @hariharangct bro for ur valuable inputs and suggestions on shipping my black hawk, looking forward for a memorable journey ahead.

All updates reg my Black Hawk will be posted here and stay tuned for a 1300kms Journey coming soon.


:thinking: What’s the 1300kms ride?

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That’s the update I was supposed to post on shipping my Ather from Chennai to Mumbai. but it got postponed now due to the work from home scenario with me still at my native. That was the journey update I meant. but hope I do that too one day not 1300kms but may be 130 kms for sure. :slight_smile: