Music controls on dashboard

Please consider this @abhishek.balaji ,

Ather has an undeniably useful and amazing-looking screen!
What if it were to support music?

We don’t need to have a headphone jack in the scooter itself, so there need not be any hardware modifications. All I’m asking for, is that we listen to music on our phones only, so the headphones remain connected to our mobiles itself, but the screen can connect through bluetooth or through apps like youtube music, gaana, spotify, etc. just to provide us control onto changing, viewing, playing songs and playlists.



The dashboard doesn’t have Bluetooth, so it must be done like a Google home command I suppose.

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The 450X might have Bluetooth.

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Music functionality will be distracting. I know there can be a lot of advantages of having a screen on a scooter, but I like what Ather does currently, even in keeping your experience from the phone separate. Also, as minimal and least distracting as possible. Because when you’re riding, you should be concentrating on the road.

Had found the maps difficult to use at first because the turn indications are tiny and I’ll have to spend a good 2 seconds to understand where I need to take a turn, so I’d slow down. But now, it’s okay.

It’s a two wheeler eventually, not a car or a phone.


Better be simple and minimal as of now , Imagine a screen displaying the song and controls and tempting you to skip or forward a song currently playing , Isn’t too distracting?


Option to control music while riding is a potentially dangerous distraction. I would not want that in my scooter. And Youtube! a definite no for me


I want Tin Factory mode and Silk Board mode on the X. Nothing like watching an episode of the Family Man on your scooters dashboard while waiting at these infamous junctions


Yes, more than bluetooth, third party app support (youtube music, spotify, etc.) would be more useful.

I completely agree with the distracting perspective. I considered that as well, and that is why what ather provides now is perfect, completely agreed, but just basic functionality like volume control, changing song or playlist, things that we anyway do using earphone controls, I guess it would be nice…
Using these basic functionalities would take approximately as much attention as much as looking at navigation.

But I understand the concerns, I had those thoughts as well, this was just a suggestion, which can be tested that are just these basic functionalities causing any harm or not…

But also now that I think about it, listening to music while riding is legally not allowed, in which case Ather cannot provide support for such features…

Oh and by youtube, I never meant the video features, videos in no way should be provided, definitely a bad idea, I said youtube music, just audio functionalities…

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All of these functions can be given when we’re stationary. Like if I’m waiting for someone on my scooter the option to use my scooter’s bigger screen in the right position to play content. Or to play some basic Video games would be fun.
All these things we want will have to wait for quite a bit of time I’m guessing. First dark mode. It’s been a year. Then we can push these not so functional uses of out screen :stuck_out_tongue:


Any idea as to how the screen of the 450X would look like!? Just curious!!

Careful what you wish for as it might turn into “a series of unfortunate events” XD

Closing this, since it’s been implemented in the 450X.