Mumbai to Goa on Ather 450x

Hi community!

I’m planning to ride the scooter from Mumbai to Goa sometime in July - August. Need help from the community to help plan my route and Pitstops ( for charging)


Will be an epic trip if you can complete it. All the best.

From my experiences of fairly long rides, i suggest you to plan to do this as a 3-days trip one way. 200kms per day is what you can achieve ideally. You’ll need at least 7 to 8 charging stops at a minimum. Every 80kms should have a charging stopover.

I’d suggest you take the Mumbai-Pune-Kolhapur-Belagavi-Goa route. The west coast road has more uphill stretches in this direction and range will be less. Also charging infrastructure is easier to find on the Pune Kolhapur stretch I feel.

You can contact @Abhishek @chethanjd and @georgekuruppan and get their experiences of long rides with their Athers.

@thakur.ketan @Rohit.Gandhi @allan.mascarenhas9 @solartech.pune can help you atleast in and around Mumbai-Pune area


We can definitely help you plan the Pune leg. Maybe we will accompany you for a short ride out of Pune as well! I wish I could join all the way to Goa.


Same here, I am from Mumbai. Wish I could join Mumbai to Goa!


As @hemanth.anand said, we’ll be glad to contribute as much we can, I live in Wakad, Pune which is first area of urban Pune, and I live very near to Pune- Bengalore highway. We can map my dot temporarily with your scooter if you want, or we have fast charger just 4 kms outside Expressway, which is also near to my place.

Contact me whenever you like, I’ll share my contact details with you.

All d best for your journey.


Hey mumbai to goa is it possible in ather ?

With planned charging stops and careful riding on ghats.

… What is the update on this… Or rather how was the trip from mumbai to Goa.

Such a trip requires patience of a saint. So I am suspecting its still on hold. But with a sports bike which has a much higher range & CCS support, Bombay - Goa will be possible (imo). Here I am, waiting for Ultraviolette F77 :grinning::blush:

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Every 70 km, you’d need a 4-5h break for slow charge. Any ghat sections would mean additional charging. ~600km would take about 60h!!!

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Right It’s very difficult

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